Dear John letter is a kind of information letter written and sent across to a husband or a boyfriend by the wife or a girlfriend to politely present the situation which says, “Sorry Honey, we cannot go along further?” Dear John Letter is an amazing and graceful way that is resorted by girl friend to let her lover know that relationship is over, and that she has found another man, who’s making her life seemingly more pleasurable and caring!

So what do the Dear John Letter Holds in Purpose!

Exactly put up, a Dear John Letter is written if the girl or a woman wants to significantly express her break to the boy or a husband without informing him in person. This aversion to meet the husband or a boy may arise due to sheer unwillingness or displeasure, as the result of many previous aggressive reactions.

A Dear Jane letter is just a reverse situation, where a husband or a boy writes the letter to his wife or girlfriend to make an informal end to the relationship between them. What ever be the situation, communicating the idea through the letter is seemingly a great way to express things in a polite and graceful manner, without actually entering into hyper physical reaction.

The reasons for choosing the name “John”

The four most potent reasons of choosing the name “John” are:

  • “John” was the popular name during the times of coining the term – “Dear John.” There were other terms which were used and prevalent during those tomes in US. Terms such as “John Doe” for anonymous man and “John Smith” for anonymous men was quite popular too.
  • The term “Dear John” is coined by the Americans during the period of World War II. This is again a belief altogether. It is believed that since US troops were positioned in many of the overseas nations for months and years in line, it would weaken the bond of love between wife and girl friend leading to ultimatum termed as “Dear John.”
  • A Song might have been genesis of the term “Dear John.” The popular American song “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” is also known to be the precursor to the coining of the term “Dear John.” The song was quite popular in America, and this might have helped in popularising the term more than anything else.
  • Radio Program “Dear John,” played significant role in creating Vox Populi. The radio program, titled and addressed as “Dear John” was high on rise in pre World War II America. The program was presented by Irene Rich.

Dear John Letter has become the innovative means of expressing your disinterest in the relationship. Though the term has no legal concordance, it surely has personal notions. Some think it a good form of expressing displeasure, while others think it to be the right means, especially when you want to carry the relationship further. Hey Girl! Don’t say “Dear John” to play a mockery, the term has serious connotations associated with it!