What every woman should know about a broken heart?

Every woman expects her man fulfill some obligations. When he fails to do so, she is hurt deeply. She may be left with a broken heart if her man cheats on her. The reasons behind a woman’s broken heart may differ. Her man might have fallen in love with another woman. He refused to marry her. Or he simply disappeared. He might have hurt in other ways.

Though the causes differ, the consequence is usually the same ‘heartbreak. Here are a few truths that women left with broken hearts should know:

  • Men usually do not think the way women do ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. How can both think in the same way? If your man broke your heart, somewhere you might not have been able to understand him. Besides, if the relationship did not fail because of you, there is no point crying your heart out for a worthless fellow.
  • Very often, Men fear to lose their freedom ‘It’s usually the woman who dreams of a home, husband and children. As far as men are concerned, they may fear making commitments. Being committed in a long term relationship simply spells the doom for their freedom and independence. If you compel your man to marry you when is not ready to do so, you simply frighten him away.
  • Men are aggressive ‘Even the most caring of the men are aggressive to some extent. They even love to dominate (remember the influence of Mars!). It’s you who is from Venus. Be more caring. If you want to keep your man, do not bruise his ego, lest he may run away leaving you with a broken heart.
  • Space is important in a relationship ‘Give your man the required space. Do not monitor his every move. Checking his e-mails and mobile time and again sends a wrong message across. Moreover, do not turn critical every time he smiles at other women. It may be a common courtesy. Remember if you willingly misunderstand him every time, it only increases the probability of your being left with a broken heart.
  • Give your relationship some time ‘A relationship evolves over time. You will be able to understand him better and adjust accordingly after you have known him for some time. If he is a sensible and a sensitive soul, he too would understand you far better as the time goes by. The bond of love and affection only gets stronger with every passing day. It will be highly unrealistic of you to expect him to understand all your likes and dislikes within a few days. If you have unrealistic expectations, what could be the result except heartbreak?

And do not forget that a relationship, besides offering rewards, also demands that a few duties be fulfilled. If you want him to value you, value him first! Stand by him through thick and thin of life. If you are conscious of your rights only, then what you get is sheer heartbreak.

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