What every man should know about a broken heart?

Men are usually believed to be more egoistic than women. When a man faces rejection, he finds it more difficult to cope with it. His male ego has been hurt. However, he must allow his broken heart to heal.

Following the tips presented here, men may heal their broken hearts faster.

  • Make a clean break ‘If you feel that every time you contact her, it’s only going to re-open the old wounds, better opt for a clean break. You can not compel her to fall in love with you again. By approaching her, you may only end up irritating her further. An argument is only going to leave you hurt. It will only intensify the heartache due to the broken heart.
  • Give yourself time ‘Your broken heart requires time to heal. If you are thinking of her all the time, just opting for a clean break is not going to help. Allow your mind to calm down. Try to be at peace with yourself.
  • Talk to others ‘Do not isolate yourself from the world around. And don’t suffer in silence. Talk to your friends, parents, siblings, colleagues, neighbours, etc. If they lend you an ear, you will not feel lonely, at least. Besides, some of them may come out with brilliant suggestions to help you heal your broken heart.
  • Forget and forgive ‘Forget the hurt. Forgive her. And move on. Reluctance to forgive, or even forget only implies that you are still angry. Besides, it also indicates that you want her back in your life even now. Fretting and fuming is not going to serve any purpose. Anger can never gift you peace of the mind. It only results in more of the misery.
  • Go for a jog ‘Go jogging everyday. You can opt for any other form of physical exercise as well. You need to tire yourself so that you may fall asleep easily when you go to bed. Rather than being awake thinking of the break-up with her, it’s better that you sleep at least for 8 hours every night.
  • Focus on career ‘Do not neglect your career simply because the relationship has been over. Maintain it as you have been doing till now. In case, you are studying or pursuing a degree/diploma along with a job, attend all your classes and do not neglect your studies either.
  • Do not turn to alcohol or drugs ‘Rather than healing your broken heart, these measures will create more of problems for you. Besides, it’s only those with a weak will power who try to find solace in bottle or drugs.

Finally, a broken heart is not going to heal within a little time. Patience is required. Many of your friends and acquaintances might have suffered from broken heart at some point in their lives. But the sensible ones do not keep shedding tears for their entire lives. If you try, your broken heart may heal very soon.

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