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Broken hearts are part of love life

If falling in love is quite normal, so is being left with a broken heart. When you fell in love, you treated it as a part of life. Here are quite a few reasons that will help you treat even a broken heart as a part of life:

  • Itís OK to make mistakes - Both you and your partner are liable to make mistakes. Itís only human to err. Either you or your partner, or both may be responsible for the failure of the relationship. Now you are left with a broken heart.
  • Itís life, not you or your partner Ė Did you plan to fall in love? Of course, not, that was spontaneous. Did you give life any credit for making you fall in love? You just accepted the happiness as your due. When your feelings blossomed into love, you credited neither yourself nor your partner as well. Life was simply being good to you. When it can be good, it may do something bad as well. Now, if you suffer from a broken heart, treat it as a part of life.
  • You are no longer the same person Ė Are you the same person that you were when you had fallen in love? Most probably, not! How can life be the same! Ups and downs are bound to be there.
  • It has been an experience Ė Even if lady luck has forgotten to smile upon you, life has presented you with an experience to learn something from it. Joys and sorrows go side by side. However, if you learn from what life has taught you, you may not repeat the same mistakes again.
  • You are more realistic and practical minded Ė After a relationship fails, most of the people realize that it might not have been feasible as far as the worldly practicalities go. You might have imagined some romance for yourself. Itís ok to be a little imaginative. But sheer imagination, often, doesnít lead you anywhere.
  • A broken heart ennobles you Ė When you are left broken hearted, you learn to respect all those who have stood by you through thick and thin. Moreover, you even pray to God. Suffering has ennobled you. Being left with a broken heart is not that bad an experience either!
  • You evolve as a better human being Ė Now that you have suffered, you would not like to hurt others. You have experienced how it feels when the heart aches. The one who suffers becomes more sympathetic to others! No wonder, you are a better person now.

Life is treated as a wheel of fortune. It keeps moving. It doesnít stay still. Needless to say, life presents itself in different colors. When the color isnít of your choice, you may feel depressed. But in order to understand life in the best possible way, we have to see all the shades. Besides, sensible people only come out to be stronger when misfortune strikes.

Survive a broken heart - carry on with your life.

Broken heart quote:

A broken heart is a very pleasant complaint for a man in London if he has a comfortable income.
(George Bernard Shaw, 1856 - 1950)

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