Feeling broken hearted – the hell with love

Now that you already aware that your love is out of place and you feel all the more lonely, there’s something that you should be quite seriously thinking! Questions such as – Why should I feel broken hearted? What should I do to overcome my broken heart situation etc., prompt you to change the course of your lifestyle after suffering from heart break.

Here are some of the situations that would ultimately make you feel broken hearted:

  • When you are out rightly ignored ‘Consider a situation, where your loved one or beloved ignores you right in front of people? Think what you’d feel in such a situation, than just being a poor broken hearted individual. And this is true! People who are broken hearted are let down by many people, including friends and relatives. This attitude further adds to the worries of a broken heart individual.
  • You Were Snubbed By Your Beloved ‘Again snubbing is a sensitive point to discuss, as it’d make you feel disheartened. It is very obvious to feel broken hearted on learning to know that the girl you loved is dating around with somebody else, or your friend. Such a situation also causes extreme resentment in a broken hearted soul altogether, and this is very natural to happen.
  • You are Not Respect by Your Loved One ‘Again, a paradoxical situation arises, where your loved one snubs you right in front of people. Not only, you’d feel broken hearted, but also, your heart will shatter into pieces on learning the behaviour of your loved one. It’d be very difficult to overcome the after effects in such a situation.
  • You’d feel Broken Hearted because Your Loved one Likes Rich Gals ‘Money is not in your kitty and this eventually makes the reason for your loved one to snub you. Now, this would make your heart broken, if not more. It is quite obvious that you start feeling broken hearted, and start thinking about the reasons behind it.
  • Your Beloved has thrown you Out of Her Life ‘Whatever be the reason, your beloved doesn’t want you to enter her private life. It is right here that all problems began to crop up. You make a call on her mobile only to find that it is busy. You visit her house, and find a big lock on the entrance door. You SMS her, but no response etc. All these activities shall automatically negate you, and you’d land up in a marshy drench.
  • The Beloved has Entered into New Relationship ‘You have found out that your beloved has entered into a new relationship, and this time she’s feeling more confident about everything. She thinks her new partner to be more understanding, caring than you. Moreover, she wants to lead permanent life. All this pierces your heart, and eventually makes you broken hearted soul altogether.

These key points would help you in ascertaining what all can cause your heart to break, and what you should do in return of it.

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