Various people all over the world suffer from a broken heart at some time or another in their life. The circumstances in everybody’s life may differ. But there are some similarities as well. In general there are quite a few reasons in common for the heartbreak. Here, we discuss some of these.

  • Ego clashes – Bloated egos only help to mar a relationship. Little tiff between lovers may get blown out of all proportions. As a result, they bruise each other’s egos. Arguments follow. Both the partners stop talking to each other. A dead silence ensues. The result: a separation or a break up.
  • Divorce ‘Though a break up from the lover can be quite painful, a divorce may hurt even more especially when the custody of children also becomes a battle ground between the spouses. If you are not allowed your child’s or even one of your children’s custody (as the case may be), you are even lonelier. Your spouse has walked out of your life. And you are distanced from your kids.
  • Nostalgia – Your mate has walked out of your life. The misfortune has broken your heart. But you only serve to maximize your agony by reliving the entire experience in your mind again and again.
  • Death of the lover/spouse ‘It’s not always the separation that causes the heart to break, you may be bereaved of your partner because of his/her sad demise. It hurts even more if it has been a slow and painful death or your partner has left for his/her heavenly abode at a very young age.
  • Your parents do not approve of your spouse ‘You are a loving couple. But your parents do not approve of your spouse. It may be hard upon you. If both, your parental family, and your spouse fail to get along, the separation may leave you broken hearted.

Well, there may be 101 or even a greater number of reasons than what are listed above that cause a heart break. But along with the cause, you should know about the remedy as well. Here, we talk about quite a few remedies.

  • Don’t hurt ‘Try not to hurt your partner. Even if you feel that he/she needs to be told about his/her faults, do not scold. Control your anger. Discuss your problems when both of you are in a good mood. Otherwise you may increase your problems rather than solving them.
  • Don’t be obsessed ‘It’s better not to be obsessed with the thoughts of your mate. Try something useful to keep your mind off the one who is not there around you any more. You may develop a hobby, read novels by your favourite author, go to watch movies, etc.
  • Try help your partner and parents understand each other better ‘Try creating a harmonious environment in your family circle. Help your partner and parents understand each other better. It’ll help reduce tensions in your relationship.
  • Just relax ‘Just calm down. Relax. And now, try to analyze as to what is (or was) wrong with your relationship. Try not to repeat the same mistakes again.

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