A breakup with the partner or a divorce may cause acute headache. Though all the wounds heal with time, it’s no reason why you should not try to make the process faster. Help yourself be happy once again. You must move on. Dwelling upon an unhappiness for more than usual is not healthy for you anyway. However, the time required to come over your attachment to your mate may range from a few weeks to months, or in some cases, even years.

Here are quite a few tips that may help you come out of the shadows of grief. Don’t be a wall flower that’s stuck to the wall, unable to welcome the joys that a healthy life may bring. Rather be a sun flower. Welcome the sun shine with a golden glow of the warmth of happiness. Learn to smile. Compel the sad winter pave the way for the spring.

  • Just be indifferent to your ex spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend or lover ‘Thinking about your partner all the time only makes you sadder. Try not to be in touch with him for a considerable time. It will help you forget what you have gone through recently. If your job or any other circumstances of life require you to keep in touch with him/her, minimize the contact. And what’s most important, don’t try to keep an eye on his/her every move. If you do, it only means that you are not willing to forget your mate. If you don’t try to help yourself, who else will?
  • Try Changing Your Lifestyle, at least Partially ‘Opt for a different hair style. Wear different colours (the ones that suit you, of course!). Go to a restaurant you had never visited before and try a new delicacy. If possible, visit a nearby tourist resort. All these activities will help you keep your mind off your romantic partner.
  • Visit Your Family & Friends ‘Just avoid being lonely. Pour your heart out to your family and friends. Talk to the people around. And why not visit the old college friends. You may also visit your native city during the weekend. Try reconnecting with your childhood friends you used to go to school with. It all will make you feel emotionally stronger cementing your bonds with the world around.
  • Develop a Hobby ‘Have you ever been interested in painting, gardening, cooking, etc.? Develop the hobby further. Or if you ever wanted to develop a new skill, for instance, photography, it’s the best time to do so. You may visit the countryside or a beautiful garden, click a few flowers, river brooks, fountains, etc. Nature may be therapeutic for heeling the wounds that result because of heart break.
  • Try Making New Friends ‘Make new friends. You may share your ideas with them on several subjects. Being social is a miraculous cure to survive heartache. And making friends doesn’t imply that you are to ask the person for a date. Just be friendly. It’ll help you acquire a relaxed frame of mind by soothing the heartache.

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