The emotional state of heartache – love sickness

If you are lovesick, you may go through heartache. Emotionally, you may feel and behave somewhat different than the usual. You may be surprised to know about your internal condition!

Here are a few tips to help you understand your own emotions better especially if you are lovesick and suffer heartache:

  • You miss him/her all the time – You miss him/her all the time. All of a sudden that special person has become highly important to you. It was not the case earlier. You are rather obsessed and can’t think of anything or anyone else. You are lovesick!
  • You feel like crying very often ‘You feel lonely. You are yearning to confess your feelings to your love. But you don’t know how to? There seems to be no solution for your problem. You are desperately in love and feel like crying quite frequently.
  • You can’t enjoy your favourite pastimes any more ‘You do not feel like talking to your colleagues at lunch. Office gossip does not interest any more. You want to be alone in the evenings so that you may brood over your emotional attachment to your lady love or the prince charming in your life. There’s no point in visiting the nearby sports club or the library.
  • You don’t visit the same places, you used to go to earlier ‘Your friends want you to join them for lunch at your favourite restaurant, but you don’t want to. You also refuse to go watch a movie with them, even if it means visiting the theatre of your choice. Nothing interests you any more.
  • You have lost appetite ‘You are neglecting your diet. In fact, you have lost appetite. What to say of enjoying your favourite delicacies, you even forget to dine on time. Genuine hunger has disappeared. Rather you are living on cups of tea or coffee, and may be cigarettes, if you smoke.
  • You do not care for your personal appearance ‘You do not dress up smartly. You have not got a hair since quite some time. You forget to shave almost regularly. You just do not bother as to how you look.
  • You can’t sleep ‘You can’t compose yourself to sleep. You are awake night after night. Finally, when you wake up in the morning, your head aches, besides your heart. And your eyes are red. No wonder, next morning, you are dozing off at desk, while working.
  • You are losing temper for no reason at all ‘You are often irritated. You even lose temper without a good cause. You simply do not seem to enjoy any peace of mind. In other words, you are just not being yourself anymore.

Lovesickness is a part of life. It may cause acute heartache. It’s a universal emotion. All suffer from this at sometime or another in their lives. However, the wiser get over it quickly. Others take a longer time. But being a little sensible may help you come out of the emotional state of heartache much stronger.

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