New relationship – save yourself some heartache

Many believe that forming a new relationship may help them overcome an emotional attachment to the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. When a relationship fails, both the partners feel lonely. But in case, you are not responsible for the failure, you feel the hurt even more. And what if your partner chose to walk out of your life because he/she simply couldn’t respect fidelity? You, of course, will like opting for a new relationship.

However, it’s wiser to opt for a new relationship after making a few considerations. It will help you turn it into a successful one rather than heading for another heartbreak! Here are some tips to help you save yourself some heartache in a new relationship:

  • It’s better to be sure whether you can do justice to the relationship ‘If you feel that you are still in love with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s not the right time for you to form a new relationship. Rather than helping you overcome your heartache, you are only on the way to invite more of it. Your heart is still being ruled upon by your ex-partner. With this frame of mind, you can’t do justice to another relationship. Besides, it’s not going to be fair to your current partner.
  • It only makes sense to learn from the past mistakes ‘Why did your previous relationship fail? If it was because of you, try not to repeat the past mistakes. Otherwise, you may repeat the same pattern again. The result: another heartache. Break this cycle. If you do so honestly, you may never suffer the heartache again.
  • Choose your partner wisely ‘If it’s your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who is responsible for the failure of your relationship, it only indicates that perhaps you aren’t worldly wise. You should choose your partner more sensibly.
  • Give yourself time ‘Do not rush into the relationship simply because you feel that he/she is better than your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Try to find whether your opinion matches the reality or not. Your opinion of a future partner may be based largely upon imagination. You will need some time to find if he/she deserves your appreciation or not. If you do not allow yourself the time, you are more likely to get involved with an undeserving candidate and suffer from heartache in the long run!
  • Respect your partner’s space as well ‘Respect your partner’s space also. You shouldn’t force your new girlfriend/boyfriend to reciprocate your feelings. Remember that a lasting relationship also takes a longer time to evolve.

Think of what you can give to the relationship rather what the relationship can give you. Partners drift apart when each thinks of his/her own. Selfishness can never make a relationship work. Though a little self love does not amount to sin, if you really care for your partner, chances are he/she will never go away from you. If you follow this golden rule, you may not suffer from heartache in your new relationship. Heartache in a new relationship.

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