Friendships may blossom into love. But what if they don’t? What if he/she turns out to be quite a different kind of person than what your imagination had suggested? If dating a friend does not turn out to be a happy experience, you may not be even friends with him/her any more?

Should you date a friend or not? That is the question.

Here are a few tips that may help you decide:

  • Are you really romantically inclined towards him/her? ‘It’s not advisable to date a friend simply because he asked for it or she insisted. Be sure of what you feel. You may be treating him/her only as a friend. But your date may begin to dream of a long term romantic relationship or even marriage! And you may be trapped in a situation you had never thought of! Be sure of what do you want!
  • If dating your friend doesn’t work, would you still like to be friends? – If you find that your friend is not the kind of date you wanted him/her to be, you may feel terribly lonely. What to say of gaining a lover, you may even lose a good friend. Or if you are emotionally strong and forget about the romance, both of you may go back where you had started ‘just being friends!
  • You may be in for a surprise ‘Though you and he/she are the same individuals, your relationship changes when you begin to date each other. You are not just friends any more. Both of you may begin to think in a different way. You may be surprised at your newly emerging feelings for some one you have been a friend to for so long!
  • The brighter side of dating friends ‘Friends may make best of the romantic couples. It only makes more of sense to be in a relationship with a friend rather than a stranger. Friends understand each other better. They are also more tolerant of the stupid mistakes made by their partners. It’s usually because they understand why he/she behaves in the particular way. Moreover, feelings that evolve as a result of a long friendship are more likely to blossom into a romantic relationship.
  • Dating a friend may help you to be more concerned for him/her ‘He/she has already been a friend to you. Your friendship has survived long enough so that one or both of you may think of transforming it into a relationship. It only proves that both of you have been caring friends to each other. Someone who care is likely to be more unselfishly concerned for the partner when it comes to love and romance. A mutually positive attitude opted by both the friends may help convert dating into a successful relationship.

Both you and your friend are humans. Your priorities may change while you are still dating. If your relationship survives any problems that it may face, you may be a much happier soul than what you have ever been. Otherwise, you may be heading towards a heartache.

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