Dating may either develop into a stable relationship or marriage or fail miserably. However, if you are a little careful, your date may finally walk down the aisle with you! Here are a few dating advices and tips to help you transform dating into a happy experience:

  • Are you the right person for your date? ‘It may surprise you. But think as your date will concerning a future partner. Of course, you think that he/she is the right person, you will like to date. But are you the right person for him/her as well? If you answer affirmatively, that’s fine! If not, and you still want to date the same person, try to be the person that your date would like to be with. If you think, he/she is not worth the effort, it only proves that you are not so keen on dating at present. In that case, it makes more sense to wait for the right time and the right person. You are simply not compatible with him/her.
  • Give yourself some time ‘Do not be in a hurry to begin dating. Give yourself as well as your date some time. Think twice before you actually begin to date. Remember, dating is going to effect not only yours, but your partner’s life as well. If both of you neither understand each other properly, nor are willing to do so, it’s better not to date. It will be much better an option rather than entering into a relationship that’s doomed to failure right from the start.
  • Do not repeat the mistakes you have been making earlier – If you have already suffered heartache due to a failed relationship, it’s more of reason that you do not repeat the past mistakes. Rather, if you learn from the previous experiences, the present dating experience may be a happy one.
  • Forget your romantic past, if any ‘Obsession with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is only likely to result in emotional agony, both for you and your date. It only proves that you still care for your ex-partner. And you don’t really want your date to be there in your life for ever. You rather wish your ex-partner to come back! Your date, obviously, is going to perceive it, sooner or later. Needless to say, your relationship is heading towards failure.
  • A positive self image ‘What you think about yourself counts more than what others do! A positive self image may work wonders for your relationship. It’s more so if you have been dumped by an uncaring partner for someone else. A bruised ego lowers the self esteem. No wonder, even your current date is not very likely to respect you. Self pity is highly negative emotion. And it’s not going to result into something positive, not even a cheerful dating experience.

And be yourself. If you pose as someone that you are not, only to impress your date, you are telling him/her a tale of lies. It’s not going to work in the long run. Find a new love by using personal ads.

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