Heartache in a New Relationship

When a relationship fails, heartache is inevitable. Even if the relationship may have been a new one, heartache may result. You might have begun with the relationship after a break up or a divorce. Romantic relationships are becoming somewhat more common these days even among teenagers.

However, every new relationship does not result in heartache. You may feel insecure in the beginning. It is more so if you have recently suffered the trauma of a divorce or break up. If you take care of a few facts, you may be saved the heartache even in a new relationship.

  • Be Honest ‘Can a building survive on a foundation of sand? Same is the case with a relationship that’s not based on trust. Be honest and truthful. Honesty is highly essential in any stable relationship. If you tell a tale of lies, you are heading towards a relationship failure. Sooner or later, your partner will find the truth. You may resort to another lie to cover up the previous one. But for how long is it going to work? Why not be honest? Honesty is the strongest foundation for a harmonious relationship.
  • Lonely Souls are Likely to Pick Up a Relationship Fast ‘Do not forget that you are more likely to get emotionally involved with an unworthy person if you are lonely. If you have been visiting your school or college friends, it saves you from feeling isolated. Also call upon your parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. It only cements the family bond with them further, making you feel loved. It also helps enjoy a high self worth. Any individual who has a positive self image and respects himself/herself would not like to treat an undeserving person as his future spouse. And if you do begin with a relationship with an unworthy individual, what can be the result except heartache?
  • Be Yourself ‘Just be yourself. It’s fine to respect the likes and dislikes of your partner. But do not try changing your personality to suit your partner’s to the extent that you begin to lose even self confidence. You have an identity of your own. Retain it. Moreover, by being yourself, you are only being true to your partner. Give him/her a fair chance to find whether he/she would like you to be in his/her life or not. It’s useless creating a false impression on the beloved and trick him/her into falling in love. When the truth is revealed, all will be over. And you will suffer the heartache.
  • Remember that the Relationship is New for Your Partner as Well ‘Your beloved is new to you. So are you to him/her. Both of you need some time to understand each other better. Understanding each other’s preferences, interests, hobbies, etc., may be a time consuming process. The relationship can not be successful unless both the partners understand each other. Besides, respect him/her. Do not try to impose your opinions on your partner. That will only make him/her run away from you!

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