Stop heartache – step away from the pain

Love and heartache often go side by side. Once you realize your heart has been broken, the next step should be stepping away from pain. However, when you suffer emotionally, logic fails. Your mind is too full of the memories of your lover. It leaves you with no time to think of anything else. And to make the matters worse, you don’t even want to overcome the obsession. It only adds to heartache rather than stepping away from it!

If you try honestly, you may overcome heartache rather than letting it overcome you. Here are few tips to help you step away from the pain:

  • Keep yourself busy ‘Your relationship has been over recently. And it’s unreasonable to suggest that you forget him/her immediately. But you can keep yourself busy, at least. Just look around. There are number of activities to keep your mind off him/her. Clean your house. Water your garden. Go for a haircut. You may even think of changing your hair style. If you get involved with these activities, you will find yourself thinking of purchasing new curtains for home, getting new plants in the garden and receiving a compliment from the hair dresser. Look at yourself in the mirror? A different hairstyle makes you look handsomer/more beautiful! There is a lot more to be done rather than keep thinking about him/her.
  • Do not turn vindictive ‘Even if you are not responsible for the break-up, do not turn vindictive. It will only trigger the memories of the happier days. Besides, anger will only ruin the peace of your mind. Remember, it’s only a peaceful soul that can enjoy tranquillity of mind. Just forgetting the partner and moving on with life is one of the best approach at the moment.
  • Do not neglect your health – Saddened by the heartache, you should not ignore your health. Take your meals on time. Go for a walk in the mornings or evenings. Even try to spare some time for exercise. In case, you are on medication, follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Retain your self confidence – So what if he/she does not care any more? If you follow the above steps and try to maintain your will power, there is no reason for self confidence to dwindle. You will be surprised to find that it still is possible to live happily even without him/her around you. After all, you were hale and hearty even before he/she had entered your life.

And the truth is, it’s you who has been actually increasing the pain simply by focussing on it. Focus on the brighter side of life. You will soon find life smiling back. Be in love with yourself. It does not imply that you turn selfish. But there is no point mourning over a dead relationship. Decide firmly that all you want is stepping away from pain. The tips above would definitely help you, but what counts more is your desire to help yourself!

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