A Good Life Without A Broken Heart

People are left with a broken heart when a relationship fails. But why let it fail in the first place? Of course, you may protest that nobody wants his/her relationship to fail. Besides who likes to go through the heartache caused by a broken heart? However, the fact is that people with failed relationships usually outnumber those with successful ones.

If you so desire, you may easily be a part of the minority that enjoys happy, stable and everlasting relationships. You may live a good life without a broken heart. Here are a few tips to do so.

  • Be Logical – Though a romantic relationship is an affair of the heart, it’s better being logical before making a commitment. Think twice before confessing your feelings to your partner. In case, you feel that you would not be able to do justice to the relationship, do not go ahead. Otherwise, you will only hurt your partner irritating him/her no end. If your partner does not feel like being with you, your relationship is not going to last for long.
  • Do Not Try to Manipulate Emotionally – You might have fallen in love. But it does not entitle you to draw the same attention from your beloved. Do not try to emotionally manipulate him/her into confessing his/her emotional attachment for you. Even if he/she makes a false confession, in the long run, it’s you who suffers.
  • Is the Relationship Feasible? – Considering whether your marriage to the individual you are in love with, is feasible or not may save you the heart break caused by a divorce. A wise choice concerning the marriage partner reduces the probability of divorce. Choosing a spouse or being attracted to someone only on grounds of physical charm and money does not lay the foundation stone for a successful marriage.
  • Be Ethical – Sinful relationships based on adultery or infidelity usually do not survive for long. You may be attracted to an individual other than your spouse, but adultery or infidelity is only going to mess up your life. Besides, even if you manage to leave the first partner to go to another, it does not picture you as a loving and caring soul even to your current lover. Your next partner/spouse will only be left with an impression that some day or another, you are going to cheat on him/her as well. It’s shaky ground for the new relationship as well. Besides, every time you move from one partner to another, you upset your own life first of all.
  • Listen to What Your Partner Says – Even if you have a highly positive self image, there is no harm in listening to what your partner says. Every time he/she differs from you, it need not necessarily flare into an argument. You may coolly sit down and discuss it over a cup of coffee. It only helps building mutual understanding and affection. Any successful relationship including a romantic one needs to be cultivated.

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