Human beings are social animals, and by their very nature, they are born not to be lonely. Even animals desire to live in a company or a geographically divided group that provides them with security, and moreover they can share and grow together. Loneliness is a negative feeling that makes person disconnected and moreover makes him lead a life of isolation.

Here are some of the most prominent effects of loneliness:

Loneliness causes Hypertension ‘A person who is suffering from the long bout of loneliness either due to heart break or due to any other emotional disorder, is susceptible to go through tremors of hypertension. The hypertension in itself is a lead cause to many other medical conditions. And remember one thing, that whether you are suffering from low hypertension or high hypertension, you will be suffering both physically and mentally.

  • You’d Feel Depressed ‘Loneliness causes problem of depression and vagueness. A depressed heart is not willing to take anything out of his mind. Moreover, depressed person makes a cocoon inside his or her brain, and with passage of time this cocoon thickens. Again, depression completely deteriorates your inner self, and ultimately, you find yourself surrounded in a big black hole.
  • Alcoholism and Smoking ‘A person who feels lonely and depressed often resorts to smoking, boozing. Moreover, there are instances, where many of lonely souls become easily susceptible to drug addiction. Any of such behaviour is habit forming and leads to devastating medical health problems. What seems more tormenting out here is that people, who indulge in alcoholism and smoking, see them as the best ways to warding off the loneliness, unless they fail at one point.
  • Loneliness Makes Life Insipid ‘A lonely person often feels lonely and dejected from life. Whatever be the reason accrued to loneliness, a person often feels that life is dull and drab, and is not worth living anymore. Further, a lonely person gradually begins to take things in a wrong way, and this eventually lets to a kind of jig saw life. Such persons hardly find any satisfaction in life, and above all they are completely broken from deep inside as well.
  • Self Esteem Reduces ‘Loneliness automatically shows reduced self-esteem in the persons who suffer from it. Such persons see life from a grey lens, where every thing look grey and snobbish to them. They feel guilty conscious in what ever right they do. Besides, reduction in self esteem, a lonely person also suffers from low confidence levels.
  • Stress Levels Increase as the result of Loneliness ‘Stress is directly related to loneliness. A lonely person is often misunderstood, and he or she is kind of, are thrown of the group and the society. This behaviour, in addition, makes lonely people stressed, and lonelier.
  • Man is not a Man, and the Woman is not Woman ‘This is what happens in lonely stricken people. If a man is smitten by loneliness, he considers not being of his race, and if a woman is lonely, she begins to feel that she is no more a woman. It is just the result of emotional dysfunctioning.

Loneliness can be overcome, provided you make a self start. Take the help of your peers, and see what changes you bring in your life!

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