A broken heart suffers a great deal not just because of break away but also, from the perspective of feeling all the more dejected. A broken heart suffers more than the diseased person, and moreover, the suffering is not the curable with medicines. And you very well know why! Let’s discuss what physical and emotional tantrums a suffering broken heart can actually go through.

  • Broken Heart Suffers Complete Emotional Loss – Whether a Boy or a girl, every broken heart has to suffer emotional loss. And the loss is simply not easy to bear. Emotional loss is more tormenting in case of girls. It is because, girls or females in general have sensitive to drastic emotional changes, and the result would be quite widespread.
  • Broken Heart Feels Distressed, Pain and Anxiety ‘Every broken heart has to undergo through extreme distress, pain and feeling of anxiety. The repercussions of heartache bring together many grave psychological problems, which are non repairable, and all the more devastating. A heart broke person may suffer from conditions such as hypertension, neurosis, stroke etc.
  • Ready to Suicide ‘Suicide is the extreme step that a heart broken person can take out of no way. The suicide can take any form, and for a person, who already feels the tantrums of relationship loss, takes suicide as the best form of escape from this world. He or she is the one who’d always be ready to give his or her life for no cause. And mind you, this is the extreme state of emotional loss.
  • Heart Broken Person Suffers Insomnia ‘True, as it is, whether it is male or a female, a heart broken person has dreams of horror over pounding him or her. He or she feels restless, sleepless, and like to pass night after night in solitude. And since a heart broken person thinks it to be the end of world, he or she leaves no opportunity to try every wrong step in or out.
  • Living in Isolation is the Way of Life ‘A heart broken entity as he or she is, likes to live in isolation. The person begins to think that no body belongs to him and he belongs to no body. It is a Non Man like a situation, and altogether makes the person feel shattered.
  • Insipid Life Style ‘Insipidness becomes the only partner of a heart broken person. In fact, an emotionally shattered person becomes insane, and his very act seems to get him into the ditch. A broken heart person has no liking for colours, no liking for life, and all the more, no liking for nobody.
  • Crying, Crying and Crying ‘An emotionally down broken personality feels like crying and crying and crying. There’s nothing that a person can think of, except entire heart broken picture of relationship, in which he or she was once involved.

Heart break is more gruesome than any other emotional or psychomotor distress that human beings suffer. The only way to come out of this situation is by fighting it back!

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