Unrequited love may result in acute heartache and also, frustration. You may reason with yourself that falling in love with him/her was simply beyond your control. No one decides to be in love. It’s spontaneous. People just fall in love. Don’t you think the same is true for the individual you are in love with? How can you compel someone to fall in love with you?

However, you may try to continue being in good books of the one you love so deeply. If you stand by your love through thick and thin of life, he/she may begin to treat you as a true friend. And friendship may blossom into love!

Here are few tips that may help you win the heart of someone you love:

  • Firm determination ‘Be firmly determined. In case, you are not, it only proves that you are only infatuated. Had you really been in love, you would not have given up so early.
  • Never think of turning vindictive ‘If you really love him/her, you will never turn vindictive. Stalking the individual you love only proves that you suffer from a sick mentality.
  • Respect his/her space ‘Respect the space of the individual you are in love with. Remember, he/she has not fallen in love with you (as yet). You have no right on his time or whatsoever belongs to him/her, especially his/her emotions. A love relationship is obviously an emotional one. And emotions can take time to germinate. Moreover, they grow along with time.
  • Just be there ‘Just be there when he/she needs you the most. So what if you are not important to him/her? It’s who is in love. Would you like to see him/her suffering in silence, in case, there is trouble. Be there and offer a helping hand. If the person you love so deeply is a sensible one, he/she would realize that you really love him/her. And your love may be requited!
  • Do not hurt ‘Your love is still unrequited. If you hurt him/her even unknowingly, you only turn him/her away from you! Though you may be deeply hurt because your feelings are never reciprocated, you should try to see the logic behind being calm. You may be able to think of better ways to win him/her if your mind is cool.
  • Never forget his/her birthday ‘Try to be the first one to wish him/her on his/her birthday. Coming forward with an expensive gift is not so important. A loving smile will say it all!
  • Congratulate him/her even at little achievements ‘Make him/her feel special. Never forget to congratulate even at little achievements. If she has topped in her college, congratulate. Compliment him if he looks handsomer in the new tie. Never forget to praise him if he has been promoted in the office. Little things make a lot of differences. These little loving gestures show you care!

Always try to smile. Feeling frustrated is not going to help. Do your best and hope for the best.

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