You find there’s someone who interests you more than usual. You feel attracted towards that person. But you begin to feel soon that he/she is becoming rather too important for you. However, you are still not sure whether it’s a crush, infatuation, or love?

Here are few ways to find out if you are feeling lovesick:

  • You find yourself thinking of him/her for no apparent reason ‘You are thinking of that someone special at breakfast, or travelling towards your office, at work or even when you are watching your favourite movie. You laugh at the jokes narrated by your friends, but he/she is always there at the back of your mind. In other words, you are obsessed. It’s love sickness!
  • Somehow you are amused ‘Surprisingly, rather than being irritated by the diversion, you are amused. You are happy! Moreover, you would like to sit alone for sometime everyday just thinking of that individual. Moreover, you don’t mind being awake at nights only to keep thinking of him/her. Even the thoughts of the loved one are a very nice company!
  • When you come across your love, you are at a loss of words ‘Though you are almost obsessed with that special person, you just don’t know what to say when your eyes meet his/hers. Either you are too happy to utter something logical or you are simply overwhelmed. A little nervousness, at times, may not be ruled out.
  • Your logic begins to fail ‘You find yourself thinking and behaving rather illogically. You sit quietly and smile for no reason. Besides, you are highly uncomfortable if he/she pays more than a casual attention to someone else. Why should you feel jealous and possessive for a stranger? You are lovesick!
  • You find life to be charmingly beautiful – You begin to take proper care of your wardrobe. You want him/her to notice you! Your interest in life has increased. And all of a sudden, the whole world appears to be too beautiful.
  • Suddenly you find yourself acquiring new interests ‘You feel like picking up a book on medicines if he is a physician. You even wish you could play badminton if she happens to be an excellent player. You feel like watching movies enacted by his favourite Hollywood stars. Suddenly, you begin to listen to his/her favourite romantic music.
  • You would like him/her to treat you as someone most important in the world ‘If he/she makes you feel special, you are elated. Your friends may compliment you, but it does not make any difference. However, if your love throws an admiring glance, your heart beats faster! If that is the case, you are lovesick.

It only makes more of sense to understand yourself before you claim to understand someone else. If you feel you are lovesick, why not confess to the one you love. He/she may reciprocate your feelings.

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