Alcohol Does Not Help You Get Rid Of Heartache

Alcohol will not help you overcome heartache even if nothing else seems to work. It will only worsen the problem by ruining your health. If you are suffering emotionally, that’s no reason that you should damage your physical health too.

Here are quite a few reasons to stay away from alcohol especially when you suffer heartache, because when your heart is broken, you feel like crying. A sufferer with a weak will power is more likely to turn to alcohol chiefly when he does not find a shoulder to cry upon. And a crying soul often does everything in excess to seek solace. The greater the suffering , the greater is the extent, a lovelorn individual may go to emptying bottle after bottle.

Rather than help you overcome or even reduce the heartache, this is what alcohol will actually do.

  • Damage your body – Your heart is broken emotionally. Now, would you like to break it physically as well? If you pick another glass of liquor, you are sure to leave this job for alcohol. Not just your heart, but complete body may be damaged by alcohol. It’s not going to be a pleasant scenario.
  • Tarnish your image among friends and family – When you are drunk, your logic begins to fail. You may lose your temper, shouting at friends and family alike. Excessive drinking may also make you violent. Only because your heart is broken, that’s no valid reason that you may break everybody’s body. This kind of behaviour cannot be termed as amiable by any means. Besides who wants to be in the company of an individual with red eyes, bad breath, and stinking body odour. Alcohol may throw all these undesirable gifts on your lap. It will just serve to tarnish your image among friends and family.
  • Accidents may result while driving – A drunk driving is by no means considered as sane. There may be an accident on the road. The worst ones are also known to result in loss of life. Besides, there can be legal trouble. In most of the countries, drunk driving invites legal penalties. Your driving license may be confiscated and you may be fined.
  • Lack of competence at work – You may fail to concentrate on the details of your work. It may result in lack of efficiency. Your promotion or a further increment to your salary might be delayed. Even the job you have been maintaining till now might be lost. And you have only alcohol to thank for it all!
  • Low self esteem – Most lovelorn men take to excessive drinking so that they may look ill and their ex-girlfriend may pity them. It only proves further that you do not respect yourself. Besides, a sensible girlfriend would only hate you the more for being a drunkard. She must be having some reasons for having walked out of your life. And with drinking hard, you have added one more to the list!

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