Childhood days are the golden days that are worth living and memorizing when the person passes his or her prime. Just wait and think about your childhood days… How you used to spend your time…, What all you did? Did you suffer broken heart in your childhood days? And if yes, how did you overcome the situation? Well! Here are some of the broken heart incidents that you might have suffered in your childhood:

  • You tried to Cut Your Throat ‘You might have suffered an extreme situation, where you tried cutting your throat. It is quite obvious that you have gone through the miseries and those miseries have left bad impression on your mind, resulting in an aggressive situation like cutting your throat.
  • You Cried a Lot ‘Childhood is a tender time when your sensibility and senses are not in your control. You get into a relationship, but you are not able to understand the gravity of that relationship. Under such circumstances, problem is created, and this problem takes serious form with the passage of time. All the repercussions arising as the result of broken heart situation results in free outlet to emotions, and you began to cry, and cry and cry.
  • You Had Recurrent Fight with Your Parents ‘There was a time where you felt broken hearted, and engaged in recurrent fights with your parents, loved ones and others around you. Aggressiveness became the part of you, and you were left stranded in the middle. Moreover, there was no control on your emotions, and all you did was simply because you just wanted to do it in that very manner.
  • You Didn’t Knew about Love, but You made the Relationship ‘When you are a kid, you felt that entering into relationship was an exciting way to recharge and feel happy. You were least aware about how you can get affected in case your relationship gets broken. And when there were strains in your relationship, you were left in a lurch! Isn’t it!
  • Just 30- Minutes of Study, and Nothing More – It was the time you should study, but, you were following girls/boys just to enjoy life from different perspective. Hardly were you serious about how you should be building your career, and often, you used to ignore what your parents said, just for love sake. Just remember, that when you tried concentrating on your studies, there was always distraction in your mind, and you were dreaming and dreaming about your partner.
  • You Lived the Life in Your Way ‘When you were kid, you liked to live life on your terms, and hardly had you thought of others. One after another, you had a broken heart relationship, and this left you broken in the middle of your golden age. Just think, how you overcome the hiccup? Moreover, you never listened to what your near and dear ones said, and what they wanted that you should do for them!

On the whole, you experimented a lot in your childhood, but now when you think it was a kid act, and you should have been doing it.

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