Broken heart syndrome: It’s real

People do suffer from broken heart situation, and it is a real phenomena. Love is happening everyday to everybody, and it is really hard to find even a single country where people don’t indulge in love relationships, and many also suffer from broken heart syndrome.

It is important to point out here that overcoming from the broken heart syndrome is a difficult, especially, for people who are sentimental in their nature. Here are the repercussions of broken heart syndrome:

  • Crying! Crying! and only Crying! ‘People who suffer from broken heart syndrome, because of love, give free outlet to their emotions, and they began crying over the broken relationship. Girls fit more to this criterion as they are more prone to the sentimental affects than males. People who are emotionally shattered cry a lot, and for reasons not considered as serious as broken heart due to variety of other reasons.
  • Go into World of Melancholy ‘A broken heart syndrome affected person begins to lead the life in melancholy. He or she is surrounded by sadness, distress and gloomy thoughts that always keep sending shudders down one’s veins. The whole world looks meaningless, and often, such persons love to remain all alone by themselves. This is a very tormenting condition altogether.
  • Loss of Trust ‘Persons who suffer from broken heart syndrome has no trust left in the relationship, and he or she keeps wandering for nothing. It is very difficult to get back the lost trust, as everything looks shattered and out of order.
  • No Food, No Water ‘Lovelorn relationships make people lost in the world of nothing. Such people don’t want to eat food, and they don’t want to drink water either. All is lost, and moreover, despite the fact they know everything, hardly do they ever try to come out of such situations.
  • Like to End Life ‘In extreme cases, people suffering from broken heart syndrome try to end their life, as they feel that the life is bore and full of treachery. Suicide is seen by them as the escape from the big and bad world.
  • No Studies ‘Loss of concentration is yet another reason that makes broken heart syndrome people lose their interest from studies. For such group of people, subjects have no meaning at all, and all they look forward is escapism. They try to find out different ways to escape from life and from this world altogether.
  • Want to Kill the Partner Who Wronged or Ditched ‘A feeling of revenge also develops at times, where the lovelorn person tries to draft the ways to put an end to the life of his/her partner. Such group of people begin to see that there’s infidelity all around, and everybody in the world not worth trusting.
  • Becomes Cynical ‘A broken heart Syndrome person finds that no body is right and nobody is wrong. He or she finds himself/herself as the righteous person existing on earth.

These points will definitely help the person suffering from broken heart syndrome to get over the hiccups arising from broken relationship that once existed.

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