Don’t die from a broken heart!

And so you were stricken by broken heart! You don’t know what to do, except to look for some kind of nasty escapism. You just thought of ending your life and bid adieu to the big and bad world. It is because after broken heart, all you have started to feel is that the world around you has become dead, and there’s nothing left in this world that is entertaining, amazing, or exciting.

Here are some of the plum points that you should be following in order to overcome from the atrocities yielding from broken heart condition:

  • Play and Just Play ‘When you find yourself cut from the world in a broken heart condition, the best way would be to get into something light and entertaining. You can start playing any indoor or outdoor game, where you’d also be involved both physically and mentally. The best thing out here is indulge in the mind games. Because mind games are more effective in overcoming from the critical situations arising from the broken heart situation. Playing games is a healthy activity, and if you are a broken heart personality, you should already be indulging into it.
  • Go for Brisk Walking ‘Brisk walking is a healthy activity by all purposes, and it shouldn’t be doing any harm to your mind or image. Go for brisk walking every morning for at least 25 minutes, and this would help you to come over the stress and strain that your mind and body is bearing.
  • Take the time out and Go out to City Side ‘When you are outside the city, you are away from the hustle and bustle. This is a smart way to get off from the tensions and worries that has resulted from broken heart. Ask your friends to accompany you, or you van even make a picnic plan with your parents or relatives. It is great way of enjoying the things, and let loose the hardcore atrocities of life.
  • Discard All the Worries ‘You can discard the worries if you start thinking positive, and you can only start thinking positive, if your mind allows you to think positive. Therefore, it becomes very important for a broken hearted person to take substantial control of his/her mind, and everything would be fine and in tune.
  • God is There – Remember God, as this would help you to generate good feeling, and you’d also start thinking positively. There’s almighty to protect you, and you should have faith in him. Thy God gives you the power to overcome the difficulties of life and you’d be leading a purposeful life free of tensions and stigma.
  • Communicate With People ‘When you communicate with friends, peers and other like minded people, definitely, you are breaking off the negative feelings in you, and purging your heart. Communication also helps in getting your mental hindrances over.

Got these points straight and right! And now you have the best options available. Hope you’ll not think of dying!

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