A broken heart is full of discordant feelings. A person who has suffered terrible emotion loss and has broken heart doesn’t know what to do and when to do. This results in development of complex character inside him over a period of time.

Therefore, it is very necessary to look out for hale and hardy activities that can turn every moment of life into an enjoyable event. And this can only happen if one knows what he feels or rather how he should overcome negative feelings perspiring in his heart.

What does a Broken Heart Feels?

Listed below are some of the feelings that a broken heart feels quite often.

  • A Broken Heart Always Feel Broken inside and out ‘A person, whether male or female, who had broken heart experience feels dejected and out of the worldly place. He or she thinks that this life is not worth living, and everything looks blue and shattered.
  • No One is for Me ‘A broken heart fears entering into relationships. Such a person thinks that relationship would break and that he or she will be looked upon as the culprit. This negative way of thinking deteriorates the confidence of a person, and he feels all the more sullen.
  • Life is Dull ‘Broken heart always feels that the life is not good for living, and nobody cares for me. And this feeling goes stronger with time. What’s more, a person slowly and gradually begins to stay home alone and gloomy. He or she loves to be alone all the time.
  • Broken Heart Speaks to Himself ‘Isolated and dejected, a broken heart creates a cocoon within himself or herself, and feels that he can talk all alone. He or she doesn’t feel to get involved in the discussion with other people, and think them to be from different world. A broken heart, in fact, creates a world of his or her own, and there’s nothing he or she can do about it.
  • Broken Heart Feels to do Nothing ‘A person with a broken heart loses all interest in the work he or she was performing earlier, and as the result of which he or she develops dullness in mind. A dull mind leads to practically nothing, except dejected thoughts.
  • Always Worried and Gloomy ‘A broken heart always looks worried. He or she feels insecure about the relationships. At times, a broken heart also begins to think that parents are strangers, and they would hurt him or her.
  • There’s nothing one can do! ‘Absolutely right! A broken heart would always feel himself to be all alone and surrounded by gloomy thoughts. He or she would strongly feel that nobody is there to help him come out of the situation, and that he or she would gradually succumb to the tortured relationship.

What ever be the reasons for heart break, a broken heart shall always feel these thoughts ruling his or her heart and soul most of the times.