Your heart has been broken. And you are simply shedding tears. You are left bitter by an uncaring partner. Of course, nobody wants to be sad. But after going through an emotional crisis, it takes time to smile again. First of all, you should learn to detach yourself from your partner. If the attachment has been very strong, it can be equally painful to detach yourself. But for how long can you go on suffering?

Here are few suggestions to end your misery and restore the health of your broken heart:

  • Don’t think of revenge ‘If you feel your partner has been unjust to you, even then do not think of venting your fury on him/her. It will enrage you further. Anger is one of the greatest of the enemies as far as tranquillity of the mind is concerned. Moreover, when you are angry, logic fails, and illogical thinking is bound to result in more of misery.
  • Meditate ‘Nobody is asking you to make a saint of yourself. Besides, meditating alone does not convert you into a saint or a hermit. Even if you follow the practice, you are very much a man of the world. Just close your eyes. Sit comfortably on a chair. However, your back should be straight. Breathe deeply. And try not to think of anything. Nothing should cross your mind especially the memory of what has happened recently. Meditation helps you to calm down. Peace is one of the best remedies for the mind disturbed by the heart break.
  • Try doing something useful for others ‘Have you ever thought of those who are in need of some help? Now that you suffer, try to listen to the problems of others as well. If possible, help them to live happily. It will give you a sense of self worth. Moreover, it will make you realize that there is much more suffering in the world than what you have been going through.
  • Seek solace in nature ‘Visiting a place that’s located in the lap of nature may help you a lot to regain the health of your heart. If you do not have the time or the means to visit the mountains or the lap of the nature, you may spend the Sunday afternoons in the garden at home.
  • Keep in touch with your friends ‘Do not isolate yourself from those who care for you. Maintain harmonious relationships with all those who are near or dear to you. They may form a good support system for you, especially when you are suffering heart break.

Though you may be surprised, it’s only you who can restore your broken heart back to health. It’s you who suffers. The heart should heal for the suffering to be over. If you do not allow your heart to heal, it will not. Try to calm down, and you will feel at ease. There is no doubt concerning that at all!

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