Heartache expert? Helping others!

If you are a heartache expert, willing to help others, you are doing a great service to humanity. However, you may be able to restore aching hearts back to health much faster if you focus on a few details.

Here are quite a few tips to help all the heartache experts help others in a better way:

  • Listen to their problems ‘Listen patiently to what people suffering from heartache have to say. Though you may consider some of the details as quite trivial, the lovelorn souls may be suffering because of these only. You should make an effort to understand the psyche of the sufferer. Otherwise, he/she may not find you quite understanding.
  • Spare time for your broken hearted friends ‘Someone whose heart is broken, needs your time to cry his/her heart out. You should try to spare your time according to the convenience of the one whose heart is aching. It may be a little inconvenient for you! But in order to help others, you should ignore your inconvenience!
  • Offer your shoulder to cry ‘Try to make the broken hearted believe that you really want to share his/her grief. Your concern should not only be genuine, but should also appear to be so. If someone suffering from an aching heart wants to cry upon shoulder, lend it willingly.
  • Be sympathetic ‘Sympathize with the one who has been suffering because of the Cupid’s arrow. Use your experience gained from advising others in the similar circumstances. Make it a point not to smile at the misfortunes suffered by others. Even if you think that the person shedding tears himself/herself has been responsible for the heartache that he/she is going through, do not mock. Make it a point not to say any unkind word. Even your gestures should be very sympathetic.
  • Suggest solutions ‘Only listening to the grief experienced by the broken hearted is not enough. True help lies in eradicating or alleviating the problem. You may offer solutions. In case, you feel that a specific solution is not feasible, try to offer an alternative. If you can help the sufferer to implement the solution as well, there is nothing like that!
  • Keep in touch ‘Keep in touch (if you may) with the individual suffering from heartache. It may help you restore his/her broken heart back to health with a greater ease. Besides, you may be able to provide further help, for instance, suggestions etc., on time.
  • Try to mediate, if possible ‘You may even help the separated partners get reunited. Mediate, if you can. If the partners are not on talking terms or they are too angry to talk to each other, you may play the role of a mediator quite effectively.

However, you should not forget that a heartache expert plays a very important role in reuniting the quarrelling partners. If you make a mistake, it can ruin two lives forever. If the partners happen to be married, the harmony of a home is also at risk.

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