Heartsickness – just another word for heartache

Heartsickness causes a lot of heartache. In fact, both may be termed as synonymous. Both make life quite painful for the sufferer. Here is what you may suffer from whether it’s heart sickness or heartache:

  • You can’t summon courage to confess ‘It may sound strange, but people with bloated egos usually do not like to confess what they have been going through. They do not even reveal to their close friends that they are victimized by heartsickness or heartache. As a result, they suffer in silence. No wonder, their feelings just suffocate them. Such people usually breathe rather than live.
  • He/she doesn’t reciprocate ‘Most of the time, the broken hearted individual suffers from the heartache because the feelings are not reciprocated. The individual feels a bitter sense of rejection. It may lower his/her self esteem as well.
  • You find it hard to focus on studies/work ‘The lovelorn sufferer often finds it hard to focus on work. The students neglect their studies. They either miss their classes or simply fail to focus upon what is being taught in the class room.
  • Obsession with that special person is affecting your mood ‘The sufferer often suffers from mood swings. Sometimes, the spirits may be uplifted in case there is even a little hope to get reunited with the partner. But needless to say, the mind is totally obsessed with the individual they are so deeply in love with. Nothing else seems to matter at all. Life comes to a standstill.
  • Your partner has walked out of your life for someone else ‘Your partner/spouse might have moved away from you simply because he/she has fallen in love with someone else. Frequently, infidelity or even adultery can not be ruled out in a number of cases. You are left feeling bitter over rejection. Whether, it’s a break-up or a divorce, it’s easy to overcome the heartache. However, it’s not practical to keep grieving over a dead relationship. Besides what are you to grieve for? Your partner or the spouse does not care for you any more. You should make efforts to overcome the heartache.
  • You are in love with a married man/woman ‘In case, you happen to be in love with a man/woman who is married, there seems to be no way out of the heartache. However, it can’t be called a very responsible move on your part to be emotionally attached to someone’s spouse. It’s neither fair to his husband/wife nor ethical by any means.
  • Grieving over a partner who is no more ‘In case your partner/spouse has expired, it’s natural for you to mourn. Your heartache may be quite intense as there is no hope of a reunion. However, you have to go on living. What you can do is pray for the departed soul and move on with life.

Suffering from heartsickness or heartache is not a happy experience. But you should face it rather than taking a route to escapism. And remember, when you face a problem successfully, you come out to be stronger.