I’m healed from my broken heart

I was a broken heart fellow for three years, and now I am over with the situation. I have learned to live, breathe and walk with life. I have mended my ways to overcome tribulations arising as the result of failed love. And all this I just did in my own very comfortable ways. It was a hellish life, one could ever think of, or rather one could ever experience.

Here are the ways that I resorted for overcoming my broken heart condition:

  • I Started Practicing Yoga ‘A yoga instructor to whom I visited, helped me a great deal to overcome from the negative effects of lovelorn relationship. The very next thing that I was doing and really felt happy about was yoga. It changed my mind through and through, and I felt new lease of life propagating inside me. What’s more, it was good experience learning yoga and its kriyas, and now I feel that it was a sane step that I opted.
  • I talked a Lot about Broken Heart Relationship with my Parents ‘My relationship with the loved one was over, and I was completely shattered from inside out. There was little that I could do, and therefore, I looked to my parents to seek the advice on the issue. My parents turned out to be good advisors, and I listened to them with extreme seriousness.
  • I Started to Look Life Differently ‘Leading a healthy life is not easy, and you need to be in discipline all the time. After feeling regular ill gotten strains of love relationship, I found it useless to feel serious about the broken heart relationship and by gone era. For me, life changed my course, and all this happened with in days I began to talking people, taking advice from people, and indulging in healthy activities.
  • I started to Think, What Was Wrong In Me ‘The positive in me often vacillated my thoughts, and I often sat thinking what was wrong with me? Or Was I really wrong? Wasn’t I serious about my relationship? And all these questions hammered my mind and soul. But again, it was me fighting my identity and the fight was successful. I began to see loss of relationship from different angle, and it gave me the confidence to see life in all its forms.
  • I Concentrated on My Business ‘Being a banker, I was off from my serious profession into something which was not as serious and realistic. I was indulging more and more into broken heart situation unnecessarily and for nothing. But, soon I was over with the things. I break open the cocoon inside me, and I am a happy human being, and my happiness has grown over the years. I thank to myself that I have listened to the advices from honest and matured people. Here’s the human being who is a satisfied soul, enjoying everything, from nature to love to human relationships.

Really, there’s something that you need to know about, and come out of the maze of broken heart relationship, just the way I did!

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