People can die of a broken heart

Humans are emotional, and it is their emotional behaviour that at times causes serious problems with regard to their social behaviour as well. A broken heart results in a complete distressed condition, and this condition aggravates further depending on situation and the individuals affected.

There are many reasons accrued to the fact that propounds the theory that heart breaks cause death. The most significant of them are:

  • Broken Heart Situation Results in Shock ‘When a person is heart broken, he or she has over production of stress hormones, and it is these very hormones that cause many serious medical conditions. It is seen and studied that women, being emotionally week, can suffer from a serious blow of stroke. In a more devastating stage, women can suffer from serious cardio vascular problems, and this can be one of the strong reasons to cause death.
  • Trauma and Anxiety can turn out to be Harbinger of Death ‘A heart broken person is affected by anxiety and trauma. These problems further lead the affected person through hypertension and other related diseased conditions. Ultimately, the body organs begin to under perform and biochemical reactions further reduce the functioning, which ultimately results in organ malfunctioning leading to death.
  • You get close to Suicide ‘When people are broken hearted, they get more close to suicide. It is because suicide is seen as an ideal recourse to by the heart broken people means end of life. Such people either look to lead a gloomy life till the time they live, or just end their life all of a sudden.
  • People Resort to Alcoholism and Drugging ‘It is a common trend seen that when people feel anxiety or bear more than required stress, they resort to unhealthy activities such as alcoholism, smoking, drugging and much more. These unhealthy activities further cause destruction of inner body organs, eventually leading to death.
  • High Blood Pressure ‘A person who has suffered from heart break lives in the world of anxiety and fear. And this serves as the base for causing high blood pressure. Again, high blood pressure increases the probability to cardiovascular failure, causing death of a heart broken individual.
  • Physically Downtrodden – Heart brake leads to physical inactivity. And when you are physically inactive, definitely, you will be inviting many health problems together. Under such conditions, it may happen that you become completely handicapped, as your movement becomes restricted. Under such conditions, the body organs also become jeopardised and this turns out to be fatal for heart broken person.
  • Emotional Distress Causes Mental Imbalance, leading to Death ‘Heart break is a grave emotional distress, and emotional distress leads to mental imbalance. When brain stops making judgement between sanity and insanity, it very definite that you are nearing death.

There’s no doubt that heartbroken people are emotionally detached from the society, and this very detachments make things go astray for humans, and they chose death as the part of their life! The way out is to think healthy and get out of the scuffle!