You may suffer acute agony because of heartache when a relationship fails. Many feel like crying. People even look for friends so that they may talk about their sorrows. However, there are many who would not like to confess that they are suffering from heartache.

Some of the heartbroken people feel that if they let the world know that their hearts are aching, it’ll only serve to bruise their egos further. However, the truth is, they are humans like anybody else. If you do not want to let others know that your heart has been aching, you may confess to yourself at least.

If you can diagnose any of these, you suffer from heartache. Here are a few symptoms that the ailment called heartache displays:

  • You are obsessed with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend ‘You are continuously thinking of him/her. You find yourself unable to focus on studies/work. You have almost forgotten to smile. You keep reminding yourself that he/she is not around you. No wonder, you never feel relaxed.
  • You feel like crying whenever anyone mentions him/her – Even a slight mention of his/her name or anything related to that person is enough to make you cry. The truth is that your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend still rules over your mind. You are suffering from heartache!
  • The very thought of visiting the same old restaurants and theatres frightens you – You fail to summon the courage to visit the places where you used to go dating your ex-partner. Even the very idea of going there floods your mind with his/her memories. And your heart begins to ache!
  • You are reminded of him/her when you look at others in happy relationships ‘You feel everybody else is much happier than you! Whenever your friends talk about their partners with beaming smiles, you begin to miss him/her even more. You simply yearn to be with your ex-partner once again.
  • You can’t compose yourself to sleep ‘You are crying night after night. That’s the time when you can cry in silence. And no one gets to know that you have been shedding tears. No wonder when you get up next morning, it’s not just your heart, but your head as well that begins to ache.
  • You have fallen ill ‘Suffering in silence and not being able to share your sorrow with others has made you ill. You don’t sleep well. You don’t eat well. You don’t laugh. Smiles don’t come to you easily. No wonder, you are prone to illness. May be, you are actually ill.

Besides, all the problems listed above, it’s you who understands very well that you are not happy. You know the cause as well. You are your own best judge. You understand that your life is no longer the same as it used to be when he/she was around. Still, you keep fighting with yourself, telling yourself time and again that your ex-partner is not important for you at all! All this misery is a proof sure enough that it’s heartache!

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