Broken Heart in a Love Triangle

A love triangle is a kind of romantic union of three people who enter into a communion for any wrong or right means. This love triangle can be either between a male and a female, with male entering into the scene; or can be either between a male and a female, with male entering into the scene. Under both these conditions a love triangle is created, and this further paves the way for infidelity leading to relationship break. A broken heart therefore, is imminent causing problems in the life of persons.

Let’s discuss here the conditions that create broken heart situation in a love triangle:

  • Infidelity ‘Yeah! Infidelity is at the core of love triangle relationship. You never know when your loved or beloved one kicks off the relationship with you, turning you aside. All the more, you’d end up in a mess, with no where to go and no where to hide. It is nothing, but infidelity, that would cause all the torments and pains in the mind.
  • Lack of Interest in Your Love ‘When there is loss of interest between the partners, the probability of infidelity increases. Under such a scenario, the persons in relationship tend to fall apart, and this would ultimately give nothing, but tribulations, agony and pain at the end.
  • Want a Change ‘Either of the partners wants to get a life. They want a change, and this change is often harmful. Every partner wants something new, wherein, he or she is looking for more excitement. It is this very excitement that leads to anarchy and a broken relationship altogether.
  • When Materialistic Gains Over-pound Emotional Gains ‘In the mundane life, materialistic gains often get ahead of the emotional gains, and this often results in breach of trust, where both are affected knowingly and unknowingly. And this is where the problem starts. With time if nothing is done to control the egos reigning between the partners, either of them search new partners, and this third partner creates a vicious triangle known as love triangle.
  • Moved by the Plot of the Movies ‘Movies play a crucial role in the development of a love triangle. The plot created in the movie serves as the base to tear apart the trust relationship between the partners, and one of them is set for search to find a third partner creating a love triangle scene in reality. The scene altogether creates heart broken situation for the person who has become the victim as the result of infidelity.
  • Absence of Love ‘There may be a condition where love didn’t exist right from the very beginning. This would ultimately lead to shattered relationship, with the coming of a third partner. Again, absence of love may happen either because of development of misconceptions, or due to any other unexplained reasons.

A pious relationship is always honoured in society, and no matter what happens all through the life, there’s something that you should always keep in your mind ‘Infidelity is a sin, and for which you have to suffer someway or the other.

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