In eternal triangle comprise three lovers in variable combinations. The combination can be where two women are involved with one man, or two men get involved with one man. All these different love combinations result from infidelity, resulting in problems and more complexities in life.

An eternal triangle is a common plot found in murder mysteries where the husband ditch wife to satiate love for another girl, or, where, the wife leaves her husband in a marsh, just to seek bodily pleasures from the male partner. There are many different aspects of eternal love triangle, and you can easily overcome the hysteria of eternal love triangle in following ways:

  • Love, and Breed Trust ‘A trusted relationship allows you to be together forever. Trust your partner as your partner trusts you. There should not be any element of mistrust created anywhere or anytime. Remember, in life there are many options to get into an illicit affair, but you’d meet very few personalities who would really give you matured advice on how to sustain the relationships.
  • Keep Control on Your Mind ‘An eternal love triangle, how so ever committed & deliberate needs firm control on one’s mind. A pious relationship is the one where one is committed to another partner, and where no element of mistrust ever occurs. Though, there might be occurrences of trivial incidents of quarrel, the relationship in an overall scenario get into smooth sailing.
  • Have Penchant for Dedication & Devotion ‘Prove to your partner that you care for him or her, and that you are a dedicated lover altogether. Get your love what he or she demands, and if you are ready to give him or her all the time, there’s definitely nothing more that one can ask.
  • Fight Infidelity ‘Infidelity is a sin by all means, and to fight back the sin, is the game of a warrior. So, become the warrior, and you’d find that your love is for you, and you belong to your love,. In case, you don’t think that you really wanted to be in a relationship that you are, then definitely you have taken wrong step, and for this you should pay repentance to your partner.
  • Indulge in Healthy Activity ‘The best part out here is to trust and yield healthy relationship, and for this, both the partners should get into healthy activities such as shopping, going out on picnic and more. Make your partner feel special and let him or her commit to the relationship that you already enjoy.
  • Burn Your Ego ‘Ego clash, and they clash in real way, leading to rift between the partners. This rift gradually leads to mistrust, and ultimately, the partners start looking for escapism, and the outward world to get their libidos satiated. Here starts the eternal love triangle.

Love triangles are of common occurrence in the world full of dichotomies. Therefore, it is your responsibility that you avoid any mistrust to happen, and lead a graceful life all through. Broken heart in a love triangle.

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