You may be lovesick. You miss him/her every time you are at leisure or whenever you fail to contact that very special person in your life. However, it’s ironical that most of the time, people do not realize that it’s love sickness even if they have already fallen in love.

Here are some clues that may help you identify the change in your life as love sickness:

  • You are keenly conscious of his/her preferences ‘Your behavior is almost all the time governed by what he/she likes or doesn’t. You try quitting smoking because she does not like it. Or you start sipping coffee because he prefers it over tea. Somewhere in your heart, you have begun to take care of what may disturb the person you are in love with even though you are not aware of your own true feelings right now. Yes, it’s love sickness!
  • You consult an astrologer ‘Suddenly you want to know what future has in store for you. Does love figure anywhere? You are interested not only in yours, but his/her future as well? Is there any probability of your being united with your love anytime in near future. Besides, you are willing to wait even if you can perceive of a possibility to be happily married to him even after a somewhat longer span of time. You think, he/she is worth it!
  • You laugh at all of his/her jokes ‘You laugh whole heatedly even at the most silly of the jokes narrated by him/her. You would like to let yourself and everybody else know that he/she has got a very good sense of humour (even if you know that it isn’t true!).
  • You are doubly careful not to irritate anyone who may be dear to him/her ‘You will not like to annoy his/her friends and colleagues. You want all to appreciate your manners and social skills. In case, you are in touch with his siblings and/or parents, you treat them also with a good humour and rather affectionately.
  • You take an unusually longer time to e-mail to him/her ‘You do not want that special person in your life to be critical of you. You rewrite your mail twice at least. But you aren’t satisfied unless and until you have checked it 20 times for any possibility that may leave the reader irritated. Your mail must make the desired impact upon his/her mind.
  • You are not at ease if you can’t talk to your love for sometime ‘Just the very thought that he/she is around comforts you. Or if that can’t be possible, you make it a point to talk on phone. Otherwise, you feel something is missing in your life.

It’s better to understand your own feelings properly. If you really are in love, but do not want to confess, he/she may fall in love with someone else. And you may be left heart broken! It’s more desirable to let the other person know in time as to how you feel! Helpful tips about a broken heart.

Beat the Breakup.

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