Do you feel like your heart is broken?

People often think that they are left with a broken heart. A break up with the lover or a divorce is not uncommon these days. Death of the spouse or the lover may also cause a heart break. The bereaved individual often feels that the entire world has come to a standstill. Life loses its meaning. Why eat? Why work? Whom to live for?

The emotional agony is so acute at times that the depressed individual even begins to ponder,’Why live at all?’No wonder, heart break has been known to be quite traumatic and even cause suicides.

In many cases, people succeed in overcoming their grief. However, it’s not true for all. Life may be harder upon some. If this sad phase of life continues longer than usual, negative changes may come all over the personality of the sufferer. These include anger, lack of trust in others, failure to forgive, loneliness, low self esteem, low levels of confidence, etc.

However, in many cases, the separation causing the heart break might have resulted due to a misunderstanding between the lovers and the spouses. If it’s a lack of understanding, then it only means that your partner still loves you. Here are quite a few ways to find the truth and save you from the heartache.

  • It was only anger ‘Your lover or spouse might have left you only because of anger and not because he/she had actually wanted to leave you. Just sit down calmly. Now think over what had gone wrong with a cool mind. You might have been rude to your mate. You might have been hurting without knowing it yourself. If that had been the cause, you should think of making amends. Your angry mate might want to put the conflict to an end and restore the harmony of the relationship.
  • Your mate tries to make you feel jealous ‘If you get to know that your partner has been going around with someone else immediately after the break up, it may be because he/she wants to make you feel jealous. It’s a cry for attention. If you approach your lover, he/she may let you know the actual reason for having walked out of your life. In most of the cases, it may not be a break up, but only a tiff between the lovers.
  • Your partner tries to improve himself/herself ‘You did not want your mate to smoke and he makes honest efforts to give up smoking. Or you wanted your wife to turn vegetarian and she does so. It surely indicates that your partner is still in love with you.
  • Your lovelorn partner haunts the places where you used to date – You get to hear from your friends and acquaintances that your mate has been visiting the places where you used to date. It’s a sure sign that he/she is missing the time that was spent with you. Why else should your beloved visit the park or the lane where you used to wait for him/her?

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