Movies focus on a number of issues including heartache. They are one of the highly effective media. Obviously, they leave a deep impact on the minds of the audiences. Needless to say, many of these are lovelorn souls who watch the movies portraying heartache with a keen interest.

Here are some of the aspects that movies based on heartache focus on:

  • Boy meets girl story line – Though cinema has come a long way, most of the movies that depict heartache employ basically similar kinds of storylines. It takes two to fall in love. Most of the love stories that the movies are based on, employ a plot where a young boy meets girl. They fall in love. Both the partners are left heart broken due to some misunderstandings or any other reasons.
  • Social structures – Quite a few of the films also represent heartache suffered by the lovers because of the inflexible and rather too rigid social structures. The lovers aren’t allowed to get married. It may be due to the difference in their social or financial status, etc. Both the partners suffer in silence.
  • One of the lovers or both commit suicide ‘Many of the movies portray the heartache as too intense to be tolerated by the partners. At times, movies also depict both the partners ending their lives.
  • The lovers get violent ‘Quite a few of the movies also represent rebellious lovers. They get violent. Either the man, or the woman, or both even go to the extreme of committing murders. Rather than suffer the heartache, they would like to put all those to death who stand in their way to get united.
  • Elopement ‘Movies, many a times, portray elopement as a solution to heartache. The lovelorn couple elopes, gets married at the earliest and lives happily ever after. There is no dearth of the movies that represent elopements as quite romantic.
  • Adultery/infidelity ‘Movies sometimes justify adultery/infidelity as the means to seek solace when a loveless marriage becomes unbearable. However, a number of movies also portray adulterous relationships as the cause behind heartache.
  • Heartache in affairs/divorces ‘Movies represent heartache in various types of romantic relationships. It may be an affair or a marriage. However, the causes behind the heartache are represented in different ways. Lovers in a relationship are shown to suffer the heartache because circumstance are keeping them apart. Sometimes they suffer heartache because of misunderstandings or any other reason. However, divorce is depicted to cause heartache because the spouses no longer love each other.

Though movies depict heartache very effectively, the storylines and their portrayal lies under the control of the director. If you are suffering from heartache, think twice before allowing yourself to be impressed by the movie. Reel life differs from real life. There’s no chance for a re-take. If the director of a movie fails to direct well, the movie may fail. But what if you arrive at an illogical decision simply by watching a movie that’s based on heartache? You may suffer further!

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