What love stories tell about broken hearts?

Love stories reveal a lot related to love and the heart break. People are known to fall in love all over the globe. Obviously, the most passionate of the lovers are known to have created histories in various cultures, countries, communities, etc. However, all the love stories have one of the basic elements in common ‘yearning for the lover. Obviously, a lovelorn soul yearns too intensely, and also suffers the heartbreak.

Here’s what the love stories often tell about broken hearts:

  • Love being one of the most powerful emotions also causes acute heartache ‘Love is one of the most powerful human emotions. No wonder, a lovelorn soul who is left broken hearted is highly miserable and knows no peace of the mind. There are various love stories that often focus on the heart ache suffered by the lovers whose hearts have been broken.
  • Love has been known to result even in wars ‘The heartbreak caused by unfulfilled love may be so acute that people have found it a reason sufficient enough to wage wars. Histories and literary masterpieces belonging to various nations record quite a few wars that were based solely to gain the beloved.
  • Jealousy is one of the main culprits behind the heartbreak ‘Many of the love stories also reveal that sometimes, even jealousy may result in heartbreak. It’s because it makes the lovers rather too possessive concerning each other. It ruins his/her peace of mind and may even result in heartbreak.
  • Many love stories reveal crimes of passion ‘It’s because the lovers are too obsessed with each other that nothing else matters to them. No wonder, various love stories elaborate how the lovers go to extremes and even commit crimes like murders. You may even glance at the newspapers or watch the local news channels. Matters of the heart have often been known to result even in murders.
  • Love stories reveal infidelity ‘Heartbreak caused because of the infidelity and adultery is also revealed by various love stories. People looking for love out of marriage usually develop extramarital relationships. These love triangles often serve as a battle ground for bitter divorces.
  • Lovers elope to get married ‘There’s also no dearth of the love stories that portray lovers eloping to get married. The causes behind the elopement may vary. However, what’s common in all the love stories is that both the partners are so deeply in love that they jeopardise all they have so that they may never part ways from each other.

Besides, the love stories, if read with a cool mind, may serve to elaborate how lovers are rather too distanced from the practical details of everyday life. For a lover, it’s his/her partner that’s of paramount importance. Nothing else matters. Logic seems to be blinded. Lover seems to be the only source of comfort. Lovers do not treat love as a part of life. Rather love becomes life itself. No wonder when the relationship fails, hearts are broken. Dreams are shattered. And life doe not seem to be worth living at all!

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