Any decision whether it’s concerning a future life partner or anything else, may not be termed as a wise one, if you have arrived at it in a hurry. It’s widely believed that love is blind. But you must impart a little logic to it, if you want to prevent heartache. It’s better to choose your partner wisely rather than suffer the heartache later.

You should consider a few factors to distinguish the right person from the wrong one. When the right kind of spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend enters your life, he/she will enrich your life with a golden glow of happiness. Besides, you should also be able to decide whether it’s the right time for the relationship and can you be just to your partner.

Here are a few tips to make the right choice at the right time to prevent heartache.

  • Try to Know Your Partner rather than Making a Commitment to a Stranger ‘Can you be in a long term relationship or a marriage with a stranger? That’s what your partner is if you do not know him/her. Try to understand the person before you make a commitment. Before uttering, ” I do’, at the altar, you should be able to say to yourself, ‘I want to’. But the decision should be based on logical reasoning as well as love. For heaven’s sake, do not fall a prey to illogical love. Yes, if it blinds you to see reason and sense, it is illogical and nonsensical. And anything that’s devoid of sense is surely going to result in heartache.
  • Know Yourself – Have you just divorced your wife/husband? Have you recently faced the breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Are you suffering from any chronic medical problem? Are you on medication for any reason whether physical, or psychological, or both? Are you still obsessed with your ex-lover/spouse? Are you financially strong to shoulder the responsibility a marriage may bring? Unless and until, you consider all these factors, you are not being honest to yourself, your beloved, and the relationship, of course. An honest consideration of all these facts may help save you from heartache.
  • Don’t be Too Possessive ‘Well, it’s fine that your beloved is the most important individual to you on the earth. And you expect the same from him/her. But don’t forget that both you and he/she are humans and liable to make mistakes. Both of you are individual personalities with likes/dislikes, thoughts, a different group of friends, relatives and who knows, may be even different cultural backgrounds. You as well as your partner needs to retain his/her own space. Too possessive an attitude on your part may begin to threaten his/her identity. It may result in arguments and in extreme cases, a separation/breakup, or a divorce. Now, how far is heartache?
  • Be Patient ‘Be patient with your partner. Patience teaches you to accept the flaws in his/her personality. It’s only human to err. If you forget and forgive the little quarrels with your partner. He/she may reciprocate the same feeling, preventing heartache.

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