Helping Your Kids Handle A Broken Heart

Kids find it quite agonizing when their hearts break. We should not forget that the highly advanced technology has also served to make kids aware of love and romance. Besides, the relationships formed during childhood or teenage, are over sooner than those that evolve over time.

Here are few tips to help your kid survive a broken heart and begin to smile again:

  • Educate the kid about the priorities of life ‘Though your kid had been deeply attached to his/her partner, the truth is it’s not the right time to think of love. Of course, you understand what’s right and what’s not as far as your kid is concerned. But your kid doesn’t Help him/her treat life in a practically realistic way. Your effort may help the kid understand the futility of forming a relationship at his/her age.
  • Tell him/her, it’s infatuation – It’s you who knows that your kid has been infatuated to someone. A kid may not distinguish between infatuation and love. He/she often treats infatuation as sheer love. Help the child mature! Explain to your kid that it’s not sensible to waste long hours brooding over an infatuation.
  • Help your kid socialize ‘You may throw a party for your son’s/daughter’s friends to help the kid socialize. Your child may try to lock himself/herself in a room as a result of the heartbreak. Do not let the heartbreak overcome the kid. Your kid needs to be strong enough to overcome the emotional agony. Being the parent, you may lend him/her additional strength.
  • Encourage the child to keep his/her mind off the agony ‘Explain to your child that being obsessed with the heartbreak is only going to intensify the misery further. Help the child to focus on an activity of his/her choice. Usually kids are interested in outdoor activities. Ask your son/daughter to join a nearby sports club. He/she may excel in swimming, badminton, football, etc. There are large numbers of other activities that the child may choose to keep himself/herself busy. He/she may learn photography, gardening, etc. Bird watching, also, may prove to be therapeutic, as it requires your kid to be closer to nature. Natural surroundings, like countryside, outskirts of a jungle, or a zoo help soothe an emotionally disturbed mind.
  • Suggest your son/daughter to follow a daily routine ‘It’s not monitoring your child’s activities, but if you suggest your son/daughter to follow a daily routine. It will leave the kid with little time for brooding over the heartbreak. Also, suggest your ward to go for a morning walk. The child will compose himself/herself to sleep on time because he/she has to go for a walk the next morning. Now, there will be no point for him/her to keep brooding over the heart break the complete night.

Being the parent, you are the best guardian for your child. Besides, if you follow the tips given above, your kid’s heartbreak will soon belong to the past.

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