There are many reasons to believe and not believe why people suffer heartaches. Is there any necessity that one has to go through the heartache? Well, try to suffer heartache and see what silent answers you get automatically! I suffered at least 5 heartaches, and baring one or two, most of other heartaches were a complete downfall for me. It made me not only a heart broken individual, but a man who is completely broke by all means.

  • The First Heartache was Shock – My first heartache was the break of a year old relationship with an 18 years old girl, Lucie. She was 18 years younger to me. The reason that led to break was that I wasn’t caring for her. Well that was her perception of saying things, and not mine! It was only later that I found her to be seriously involved with another guy.
  • The Second Heartache was Simple ‘This time I was involved with the second love relationship who happened to be a friend from Austria. She was quite a sane girl, and had her mind on her shoulders. It was a good one and a half years of relationship, and all this time we discussed on variety of issues, from food to clothes to travelling. But, ultimately, her treacherous eyes played games with me, and soon I was thrown out of the game for no good reason. And time has now passed over, neither has she talked to me, nor have I kept any relationship with her. But, in general, it was second normal heart break that I suffered!
  • My Third heartache was the Most Blowing One ‘After going through the trauma twice, I found good relationship in a girl by the name Malda, and who was from Mexico. Both of us were coeval, and matured enough to understand human relationships. All went right for three years, and one day; she was talking to another guy. It made me suspicious and followed her through and through, and found out that she had already chosen her life partner, and I was just excused. A third heartbreak gave me the experience of making sound judgements when it comes to making relationships with women.
  • Fourth Heartache Happened Too! ‘After having three relationship experiences gathered in my kitty, I was well aware to make a good gentle restart and develop a new relationship with a sane girl. This time it was really really play safe kind of a situation, and I wanted to be ready with everything. Susane and I enjoyed healthy relationship. But this healthy relationship was over in 40 days! And at the end I was alone again, with nowhere to go!

I don’t mean that every relationship should have heartache, or every human relationship suffers heartache, it is only that as a human being you need to be aware of the intricacies of the game. People, who are not aware of the sensitivities about the relationships, fall upside down with force!

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