In the recent times, infidelity is more common than ever before and in most cases it results in breakup of relationships. There are several people who have undergone through such difficult situations when their spouses have cheated on them.

Nobody, except those who have already journeyed through these situations can only understand the pangs, anger and resentment which come along when one discovers the truth of infidelity.

However there are lots of people who have gone ahead and cheated on their spouse as payback and very often they have realized that it was their biggest mistake. The step which they took without considering the consequences was not at all satisfying. In most cases, individuals often have to regret for their stupid decisions and at later stage they realize that it was just their biggest blunder than what they actually tried to start with.

Understanding the feelings

It is important to comprehend the feelings which are driving the emotions to turn into actions. It is not for the feelings of those persons which make the individuals desire to cheat, but it is the hatred feelings about their cheating spouse, which forces them to start with a new relationship. Most people opt for developing an extramarital relationship to get a reaction from their cheating spouse and making them feel the pain they have suffered.

Honestly, most people would never have real affection with another person with whom they are playing the cheating game. The person is just a bet and handy pastime in this risky game. In rare cases, devoted spouses have strong feelings for the person with whom they are playing the cheating game. It is a fact that people can never maintain a healthy relationship unless they are prepared to resolve the previous relationships and are ready to move ahead sincerely.

Honestly if there is someone who desires to take steps for their negative feelings for their spouse, they should rather examine the reality and heal their feelings instead of creating more confusion and problems for themselves. It is important that individuals realize this for it is just a reaction to the hurt which they are feeling. If someone desires that their spouse should understand how much they have been hurt, they should sit by them and discuss the matter without being imprudent.

There are several who cheat their spouse to seek the attention from them. This sort of attention is simply going to weaken their marriage even more and could result in landing in a situation from where there is no return. For those who really do not have any deep feelings within their heart and do not care much about their successful married life they consider in breaking their marriage and move ahead in life.

Cheating on spouse as payback will only create more problems. With every negative feeling, there are even less chances of saving the marriage. It is better not to start a new relationship unless the old relationship has been permanently reconciled. Though forgiving is quite difficult and to recover from infidelity takes time, it is good that one tries their best to save their first marriage and start life with new dimension.

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