Sick of love – What you can do

People yearn to fall in love. But would you like to fall out of it? Some of you may. Though you may find it surprising, there are many who feel suffocated by too much of love.

These people need a greater space around themselvess. Moreover, some do not want to make a commitment. When the partner becomes too possessive or begins to insist for matrimony, people want to opt out of the relationship.

But your partner simply would not allow you to move away. He/she is too loving! Your girlfriend/boyfriend must have you around all the time. He/she can’t even dream of a life without you!

Now, what are you to do? Here are a few tips to help you move away from your loving partner:

  • Say you are in love with someone else ‘Let your partner know that you love another, even if you do not. Opt for a fake excuse for being in love with someone else. You may say that this third person would be better compatible with you as a future spouse.
  • Make your partner spend the most on dating ‘Still if your partner insists dating you, make him/her spend the most whenever you go dating. It’s very likely that he/she will be tired of you very soon. And that’s what you want!
  • Show a keener interest in opposite gender in front of him/her ‘Make your partner feel excessively jealous. Show more than a casual interest in people from opposite gender. Gradually, your partner may feel that you are not worthy of his/her affections. If the trend continues, it will be your partner who will get sick of love first and move out of the relationship!
  • Get busier with work more than usual ‘if you are at work most of the time, you may not find any time for your partner. He/she will feel neglected. No wonder, your relationship is going to come to an end!
  • Get in touch with the people he/she can’t stand by ‘Associate with all those whom your partner does not like. He/she will be hurt deeply. No self respecting individual is going to stay in a relationship that hurts. It’s bound to come to an end.
  • Order the food in the restaurant that he/she doesn’t like ‘Even if your partner insists for a date (despite your reluctance), go to a restaurant to dine. Order for the cuisine that he/she does not even feel like tasting! It’s proof enough that you do not care for him/her any more!
  • Say you are getting engaged/married ‘If all the tips specified above do not work, announce at the top of the world that you are getting married to someone else. He/she is quite likely to walk out of your life. Your mission is accomplished.

However, follow the above tips when you are too sure that you are sick of love and not love sick. Make up your mind only after you have thought twice about turning your partner away from you!

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