• I don’t want to feel the way that I do, I just want to be right here with you, I don’t want to see, see us apart, I just want to say straight from my heart I miss you.
  • ‘Life is everything’ when the person you love misses you in your absence. But ‘life is nothing’ when they miss to understand your importance in your presence.
  • Me without you is like Facebook without friends, Youtube without video, movie without music and Google with no results.
  • I was on a ship thinking of you. When I looked down I dropped a tear in the ocean. Then I promised myself that until someone finds it, I won’t forget you.
  • Good Morning. I mean Good Evening. I mean Good Night hmmm. I think time is not important; I just want to say that I miss you.
  • Look at the sun and you see time. Look in your heart and you see love. Look in your eyes and you see life. Look at your mobile and you see who’s thinking of you! It’s me.
  • I don’t have to speak loud just to say why. I want to tell you a soft whisper of “I miss you’. It is enough because it is not my mouth that really speaks is my heart.
  • I’m going to write on all the bricks I miss you and I wish that one falls on your head, so that you know how it hurts when you miss someone special like you.
  • Some things are left undone, some words are left unsaid, some feelings are left unexpressed, but someone as sweet as you could never be left unmissed.
  • I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Though I smile and seem carefree, there’s no one who misses you more than me!
  • Every time I say ‘how are you?’ my heart says ‘I care for you.’ Every time I ask ‘how have you been?’ my heart whispers ‘I miss you’.
  • Wherever you go, whatever you do, may god’s angels’watch over you & I miss you!
  • Between a thousand yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there is only one “today’
    and I will not let it pass without remembering you.
  • I miss you in every beat of my heart, in every blink of my eyes, in every second of time and in every moment of the day!

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