Relationship failures result in heartaches. However, once the relationship has failed, you can’t keep brooding over it for your entire life.

Here are 10 ways to lessen heartache considerably and move on in life:

  • Stop brooding over your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend first – First of all, try to disentangle your mind from the thoughts and memories of your partner. Obsession with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is only going to result in a more acutely intense heartache. Moreover, if you are continuously thinking of him/her all the time, it means that you are not at peace with yourself.
  • Cultivate a good social circle – So what if your partner is not there with you any more, you can still enjoy a good social life. Keep in touch with your old friends, acquaintances, parents, etc. you may even make new friends. All this will save you from being isolated from the society.
  • Cultivate a hobby – Think of something that interests you. Bird watching, reading novels, going to movies, acting, swimming, painting, …., there are a number of activities that may trigger your interest. Choose a hobby. And get busy. If you already have one, you may develop it further. It will help you overcome your attachment to your partner. It serves to reduce heartache.
  • Do not rush into a new relationship – Do not try to rush into a new relationship in a hurry. Many do so in order to overcome their heartache. However, if you do not give yourself considerable time and choose the next partner insensibly, you may be heading towards another incidence of a heartbreak.
  • Forget and forgive – If you turn vindictive, and think of taking a revenge, you are only going to worsen the problem. Inflicting injuries on an ex-partner is only going to re-open the healing wounds. Why not forget and forgive and move on in life?
  • Volunteer for a social cause – Try to help the needy and the poor. It will give you a sense of self worth and boost your confidence too!
  • Try to live rather than just breathe – Rather than breathing mechanically, start getting interested in life again. Talk to the people around you. Dress up smartly. Enjoy the delicacies of your choice. And smile!
  • Say your prayers – You may start going to church, if you aren’t doing so currently. A little spirituality and reading the Bible may help restore your peace of mind.
  • Be patient – Give yourself some time. Gradually, you will begin to forget what you have suffered and your wounds will begin to heal.
  • Meditate – Meditating for 20 minutes everyday may help you calm down faster. It’s almost magical as far as tranquillity of the mind is concerned. If do not know how to, you may join Yoga classes and learn to meditate. In case, you don’t want to, even focusing on breathing exercises may also help.

Though the ways to lessen heartache are many, it’s an honest implementation of these that’s highly recommended. Getting over heartache.

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