Heartache is an inevitable result when a relationship fails. But do you know when the suffering ends? Here are a few factors that indicate that your heartache has been over:

  • You no longer check your e-mail looking for the mail from your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend ‘Checking the e-mail is a routine activity for you, the way it was before your boyfriend/girlfriend had entered your life.
  • You are not saddened while listening to romantic music ‘You enjoy listening to romantic music. It does not remind you of your ex-partner. Your mind is a clean slate. Even if you listen to the favorite music of your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, you do not feel like crying. Rather, your spirits uplift. Your mood improves. And you begin to smile again!
  • You enjoy visiting the same old locations with a renewed charm ‘You visit the same old cinemas, restaurants, and picnic spots with a renewed charm. The moments you might have spent there with your ex-partner, now belong to the past.
  • You have a good sense of humour ‘Smiles come to you rather easily. You have an amazingly good sense of humour. You enjoy narrating jokes to your friends. They enjoy your company.
  • You love to shop ‘You like to dress up considering the latest trends. You opt for bright cheerful colours and hairstyles that make you look smarter than earlier.
  • You enjoy a high self esteem ‘You are fully confident, enjoying a high self esteem. You are no longer looking for a shoulder to cry upon. It, of course, implies that you do not require others to sit by you, listening to your sorrows.
  • You contribute to society ‘Now that you have overcome your heartache, you utilize your experience, helping others so that their aching hearts may also heal. Your sympathetic and understanding attitude towards others is also popularizing you among kith and kin.
  • You are a better person now – Your experience has made you wiser. Still, you are optimistic and when lady luck smiles at you, you may choose your partner much more sensibly than you did earlier.
  • You come out to be stronger ‘You are no more an easy prey to sadness. You are a strong individual who is not easily disturbed by trivial problems of life.

And if you respect every happiness that life bestows on you, you have definitely overcome the heartache, even if you might have suffered it for long. It may be a promotion in your job or a raise in your salary, an academic degree, a compliment from one of your friends, etc. You begin to celebrate life.

In other words, you are in harmony with yourself and the world around. Further, but not farther, now that you are a healthy, happy, and sensible soul, you may fall in love with a worthy individual. And the moment it happens, you know it for sure that your ex-partner does not exist in your mind or heart any more! Stop heartache – step away from the pain.

Beat the Breakup.

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