Does revenge helps to mend a broken heart?

Neither revenge and nor avenge should be taken as the recourse to mend the position of broken heart. There are many good smart ways to mend broken heart, and truly saying, these ways work quite effectively. Here are some of the light and easy ways to come over a broken heart situation.

  • Take Revenge but in a Polite Way – There are milder ways to seek revenge. Stop talking to your partner. This would help you to calm down your perturbed feelings. Don’t go for aggressive nature, as it would not only bring you down, but, you’d also loose all your energies.
  • Mend Your Broken Heart Condition by Exercising ‘When you exercise, you ward off ill feelings developing in your mind. And if you think of taking revenge, then automatically you have chosen a wrong way, as you are now using all your negative energies to gain your lost love.
  • Talk to People – Talking is a healthy form of exercise, and when you talk, you not only let loose all your hidden negative feelings, but also help you in sustaining positive energies inside you. Remember, the more you talk, more free your mind becomes.
  • Make a New Healthy Relationship ‘It is not that failing in one relationship means that your life has reached dead end. There’s life lingering all around, and you have to come out of the web created by you. Start afresh, and develop new relationship with all positive thinking. In fact, in your second or subsequent relationships, you’d become more informed and knowledgeable, and this would ensure that there’s high level of understanding developing between you and your partner.
  • Family is your True Friend ‘Develop affable and close relationship with your family and relatives. Moreover, if you have good friends who can guide your during the time of need, than nothing like it. You can share your thoughts about your education, what you want to do in future, and what are your immediate plans. Family members in turn can give you the advice on how to go about it.
  • Make an Assessment from your Past Relationship ‘You can learn from your broken relationships. Broken relationships serve as the ways to mend your attitude and behaviour before you decide to indulge in another relationship and make it successful.
  • Watch Movies – Watching movies, or arranging trip to distant or close places would certainly give the broken heart a fresh lease of life. This activity also helps in making you feel light and get going.
  • Indulge in Yogic Practices ‘Yoga is a healthy exercise, and the exercise helps in bringing balance of mind and body. Yoga in conjunction with spirituality generate positive energies that make you feel happy and always cheered ‘up.
  • Enjoy Healthy Diet ‘Healthy and hygienic food develops healthy mind. And if you are lovelorn and broken hearted, then certainly, healthy mind would serve as the great way to overcome any problems.

Revenge is not the solution to mend. Rather it is a trouble inviter. And if you really want to develop healthy relationship, mend your ways following the points listed above. I am healed from my broken heart.

How to heal your heartbreak.

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