If you are left with a broken heart, there must be a few reasons behind the sad experience. What are these? Either you don’t know or you do not want to acknowledge them simply because you don’t want to face the truth.

However, facing the truth helps you trace your steps from the route to escapism. Rather than opting for extreme measures such as alcoholism, drug addiction or even committing suicide, it’s wiser to find the right cause behind the heartbreak. When the cause is known, it’s easier to find the remedy as well.

There may be various causes behind heart break. Some of them are listed here.

  • Nostalgia – Well, if you can’t overcome your emotional attachment to an ex-spouse, or ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, it’s going to effect your current relationship. It’s not ethical either. You are neither true to the ex-partner nor the current one. Can you expect a relationship based on shaky grounds to survive for long?
  • Your parents and your partner do not get along well ‘Whenever you visit your parents or vice versa, there is at least one heated argument between your parents and your spouse. Think of the reasons behind the argument. Try to make the environment harmonious.
  • You bruise your partner’s ego ‘Even if you think that you are logical most of the time and your mate doesn’t understand you, do not bruise/her ego. Harsh words do not cultivate any relationship, let alone a romantic one. You can present your side of the case when your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse is in a cheerful mood. Do not impose your views. Try to listen and understand your spouse’s side of the story as well.
  • Your partner cheated on you ‘Why did he/she cheat on you in the first place? Were you still obsessed with your previous partner? Did you bruise your partner’s ego? Or did your parents or anybody else related to you did so? If you do not acknowledge your faults and improve yourself, your relationship may also be doomed to failure.
  • Divorce ‘Why were you served divorced papers? No spouse in his/her right mind will thinking of walking out of the life of a caring husband or a wife. He/she might have thought of divorcing you because life might have been unbearable. However, if you are not to be blamed, then a wise course of action would only suggest to forget and forgive. Give yourself some time and start your life all over again.
  • Death of the lover/spouse ‘Now this is a reason that lies beyond your control. What you can do is, give yourself time to overcome the grief. If you have children, you must look after yourself so that you are able to look after them.

The reasons can be many. Though all the reasons are not under your control, you can make honest efforts to make your relationship everlasting. Nobody is perfect. It’s true, both for you as well as your partner. Respecting his/her feelings will help eradicate any problems that might creep in your relationship.

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