5 Steps to Heal your Daughter’s Broken Heart

A young, beautiful, tender hearted daughter is quite vulnerable to cupid’s arrow. A teenaged girl’s mind is quite impressionable. She looks at the world with dreamy eyes waiting for her prince charming. She is youthful and absolutely unwilling to pay a heed to any advice her parents may offer. Once she is in love, her logic fails. It leaves her vulnerable to heart break.

Here are 5 steps for all those who wish to heal their daughter’s broken heart:

  • Help her calm down first – As she is quite unhappy and unnerved, help her to calm down first. Spare some time for her. Listen to her side of the story. Make it a point that you have at least one meal with her everyday. It will make her feel that at least her parents need her. It will help her talk to you openly about the hurt that she has been going through. Once she talks about everything frankly, she will calm down quicker.
  • Do not reproach her – Even if you never approved of her boyfriend, do not reproach her. It will only make her feel that she has been making a fool of herself ever since the relationship began. As a result, she may jump to the conclusion that she is being punished for her stupidity. If she is too depressed, encourage her to look at the bright side of life. Help her smile rather than being critical of her.
  • Help her build a high self esteem – Being rejected by the boyfriend, she might have been left with a low self esteem. There may be various causes for the relationship to be over. Her boyfriend might have dumped her for someone else. Or he might have been neglecting her. The lovers’ tiff, if blown out of all proportions, might also have resulted in the break-up. Whatever the reason, being left alone, is definitely going to hurt. Help her think sensibly. Why should she keep crying endlessly for an unworthy soul?
  • Encourage her to set a positive goal for herself – Try convincing her that a romantic relationship is not all. Her life, time, and energy may be focused on better goals in life. Help her find the fields of life where she may excel. She may focus on her studies, career, or develop a new hobby. It’s wiser that she focuses on a proper goal rather than crying her throat hoarse for someone who walked out of her life without paying a thought that the break-up may leave her emotionally miserable.
  • Finally, encourage her to socialize. Ask her to make new friends while being in touch with the old ones. And why should she stop calling her class mates or talking to her colleagues only because someone close to her has hurt her? Cultivating a large circle of friends will help her overcome the heart break easier and earlier. Encourage her to forget all and move on!

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