Depression from broken heart is quite a common thing that affects love stricken people. There’s panic and melancholy in broken hearts and this happens more prevalently in girls than in boys. Girls are mawkish, and they can hardly resist sudden bout of emotional trail, and this leads to depression.

However, with proper counselling advice available, even broken hearts have all the reason to get out of hangover and say CHEERS! Let’s take a brief look at the points that subtly showcase the reasons for depression in a broken heart.

  • Depression is the result of Broken Relationship ‘There is certainly not even an iota of doubt that a person with broken heart has gone through broken relationship, either recently, or earlier in his or her lifetime. A heart broken person is impaired, as his mind loses the power to differentiate between what is good and what is bad. As the situation aggravates, he or she moves into depression, and at extreme stages, even memory loss can also occur.
  • Fall of Serious Relationships may end in Nervous Breakdown ‘People who get involved in serious relationships may develop symptoms of depression after their relationship breaks away. And quite amazingly, many of the problems begin to showcase as the result of the heart break.
  • Depression due to Mistrust ‘If your relationship is on the verge of an end due to any kind of mistrust, or for that matter, with your beloved one or loved one entering into other serious relationship, then certainly, depression is bound to occur. The depression would automatically deteriorate the functioning of heart broken individuals.
  • No Liking for Each Other ‘For some individuals, there’s time, when relationship becomes over, just because physical attraction gets over. The loss of attraction can occur in extreme situations, where the person has lost his or her limb, or he or she has developed an illness, or anything of similar sort.
  • Depression arising from Money Factor ‘Money also plays quite a crucial role in ending of relationship leading to ultimate depression. However, this is not true of every relationship, but most of them do start breaking and end making money as the primary cause.
  • Isolation leads to Depression ‘In case, you are just over from a love relationship, and leading a life of absolute desolateness and isolation, then certainly, there’s something you should know out rightly. You are nearing depression, and sooner you’d be surrounded by it.
  • Anxiety would Give You a Depressed Life ‘After you have broken off a relationship, there’s possibility that your mind gets occupied by anxiety. The anxiety itself would lead to depression, and you might get affected with variety of other associated diseases.
  • Absence of Relationship would automatically lead to BIG DEPRESSION ‘When there’s no relationship, there’s a big void created in man’s as well as woman’s world. The more painful and panicky heart break, more will be depression.

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