Infidelity breaks hearts and homes. Your dreams concerning a happy married life are shattered. It’s but natural considering that you have been madly in love with your spouse. You placed your entire trust in him/her. You might be having children. Your family and friends have been treating you as a couple respecting your marriage.

You might have purchased property in the name of your spouse. You might be having joint bank accounts. In brief, your entire life has been woven around your spouse. All of a sudden, you discover that your spouse has been cheating upon you. Now, your entire world comes crashing down.

Infidelity in itself is no pleasant experience. Besides, the cheated spouse may opt for a divorce. The wronged husband/wife is fully justified in dragging the wrong doer to the court. But one should not forget that infidelity is not a problem so uncommon in the modern society. A sensible spouse may make an effort to save the marriage.

And who knows your husband/wife might not have been so deeply in love with another as it all appears to you! It of course does not mean that infidelity is forgiveable. But trying to save the marriage is definitely appreciable.

Here are a few tips to make a partner (who does not respect fidelity) come back to you!

  • Marriage Counselling – Marriage Counselling helps both the cheated and the cheater to help restore the normalcy of the marriage. But of course, the cheated partner is the one who suffers rather unjustifiably, he/she often wonders as why shouldn’t he/she leave the spouse? Why stay with him/her forever? How to overcome the hurt caused by the betrayer? Needless to say, the spouse who has been cheated upon suffers from acute emotional trauma.
  • Do not compare your cheating spouse with others ‘Most of the time, the wronged spouse tends to pity himself/herself especially when they look at the Lawrences that dwell in the neighbourhood. The victim of infidelity may feel that everybody around has been much luckier than himself/herself. However, the truth is that one of the spouses (belonging to the happily married couple that you come across everybody) might have been cheating upon the other, maintaining the secrecy, of course! Infidelity is no longer an uncommon problem.
  • Be alert ‘Keep your eyes open. Don’t mistrust your spouse without a proper reason. However, you should not forget that a cheating spouse is likely to keep an extramarital relationship discreet. It’s you who should be able to find a change in him/her. And apply the remedy.
  • Be with your spouse when he/she needs you the most ‘Just be there. It’s ok that your spouse is not a kid. He/she can look after himself/herself. But if you don’t want your partner to fall in someone else’s arms, be there when he/she needs you the most.
  • Learn to forget and forgive – Anger only makes the matters worse. Cool down and try to restore your marriage back to normalcy.

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