Broken Heart through Adultery

Adultery has always been one of the crucial reasons (and often the most important one) behind separation and even divorce. Cases of reported adultery where one spouse drags another in the court are continually on the rise. As both the spouses go to work and women too, are financially independent, the trend does not seem to slow down, anyway.

Besides, one must not forget that if a couple appears to have been happily married, it’s no guaranty that everything is just ok. Trouble may be lurking somewhere around. What makes it even more ironical that suffering partner, many a times knows fully well that he/she has been cheated upon. Still, the passive sufferer keeps tolerating. The reasons can be more than can be counted.

There is fear of financial stability, concern for the children, a vague hope that the cheating partner will come back to his/her senses, etc. The sufferer may come to believe that it’s his her destiny and lose interest in life. A suicide may be the result. Or the wronged wife/husband keeps suffering in silence.

Usually adultery ends in divorce. After the cheated spouse is finally able to accept this his/her partner does not belong to him/her any more, he/she feels like knocking at the door of a lawyer’s office. Here are a few tips one should observe to make the process less painful.

  • Evidence – If you are the wronged spouse, make sure that are equipped with the required evidence that may be needed in the court. Unless and until you can prove that your husband/wife has actually been involved in an extramarital affair, it’s no use moving the court. Don’t forget that it’s the job of the accusing party to provide the dates, times, venues, and any other required evidence during the legal proceedings.
  • Decide Upon the Crucial Matters with a Calm Mind ‘Various negative emotions are triggered at the time of divorce. There is anger, frustration, a deep feeling of hurt, intense jealousy for your spouse’s lover and what not! However, now that you know that your marriage is over, try to cool down and decide upon the relevant matters including division of property and custody of children with a relaxed mind.

However, if people are aware of the causes behind an ailing relationship, it’s easier to find the cure as well. In most of the cases, if you know that your partner isn’t happy and look for the remedy, the problem can be eradicated altogether. Here are some of the reasons behind adultery.

  • Loneliness ‘Your work keeps you too busy leaving no time for your partner. No wonder, he/she turns to someone else.
  • You really are an uncaring spouse ‘You hurt your partner. Your spouse begins to feel neglected.
  • Lack of intimacy – You are rarely intimate with your spouse. You never bother to know how he/she actually feels.
  • Denial of love and passion ‘The passion in your relationship has cooled off. And your spouse is left with a bitter feeling that he/she is unloved.

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