Broken heart through online dating

You have been indulging in online dating? You found it to be more amazing than dial-a-phone dating, right! And now after the heartbreak, you are all the more repenting it. Well you are not the only one in the race. There are many online dating lovers who are lurking out there who have succumbed to heartbreaks not just once or twice, but innumerable number of times.

It doesn’t matter whether you are male or a female, a boy or a girl, heart breaks are tormenting and disturbing too! Youngsters who get into the habit of online dating think it to be complete fun initially, but it is only after you feel the heat of a potential break that jostles your mind to think twice.

Is online dating the right step to take? Is online dating serious activity? How can online dating affect your social life? and many more. All such questions tend to over pound your mind.

Reason of Broken Heart!

  • Online dating is a Healthy but not a Genuine Activity – It is less likely that you come across anybody who is genuine and whom you like the most. Online dating is 80% bogus, especially, if taken in terms of identity, and seriousness. Most of the people who are logged in to dating chat rooms have a playful mood working behind, and hardly, anybody has got anything serious going in their minds. And at this moment, if you try to become serious in a relationship through online dating process, you are sure to lose in a big way!
  • Online Dating is Technology Rich and Emotionless Activity ‘The online dating chat rooms are in ample and all of them use one or the other chat tool to indulge talking and sending overtures, but none of these technology rich tools actually enter into an emotional talk. It is just chatting with no heart in it. Therefore, girls or boys who get involved in serious online dating activity with all their heart and should do it at their own risk. Some of the online dating chatters go towards seeking more close relationship which at times result in heart break, and not just heart break, but serious heart breaks. And many of them are simply irreversible!
  • You never know who’s chatting at the other end! And this happens quite frequently, and in most of the cases, the chatter ends wasting money. There’s lurking desire to meet someone special and what they have in their mind, but on the contrary, opposite happens!
  • Pictures of the People who are indulging in online dating seem to be digitally enhanced or bogus! Many of the people, who get into the interface of any online dating website, are befooled by the heartthrob pictures or fake identity! It is this very fake identity that is overplayed by people logged in the dating websites.

Remember! Heartbreaks also occur in real life, but at online dating websites, the heart breaks have no genuine reasons. The heartbreaks are result of handiwork of handful of obnoxious minds.

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